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The Need for MEM in India

The “Masters in Emergency Medicine – International” (MEM) program was initially started in 2006, as a partnership program between the Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine (RRIEM) at the George Washington University and various private institutions around the country.  This program is not unique as a partnership program in India for education and training in Emergency Medicine, but at this time it is the biggest of the partnership programs.  The MEM program has a foundation in quality education and training, integrating a standardized curriculum, with modifications for local context, and ultimately amplifies the effects of international partnership. The program has graduated a total of 360 Emergency Physicians since 2007. A survey of graduates conducted in 2015 showed that 98% of survey respondents were still practicing Emergency Medicine, with 70% involved in academics and teaching, and 36% involved in research.  85% reported ongoing involvement in education and outreach activities, ranging from nursing education to community education to prehospital care development. A different project investigating the impact of the EM education and training program on the hospital system revealed that 96.5% of stakeholders including hospital administrators, consultants, faculty and ancillary staff believe that the education and training program has positively affected patient care.

The need for Emergency Medicine Education and Training in India cannot be ovserstated. RRIEM core faculty recently released the "White Paper", describing the current state of education and training in Emergency Medicine in India, indetifying the enormous gaps, and delinating critical priorities towards effective capacity building and progress, with the ultimate goal of creating better patient care outcomes for the people of India

White Paper: Emergency Medicine Education and Training in India


MEM by the numbers:


MEM Alumni Quotes:

"Depending on the current scenario, I really feel excellent that I did my MEM from GWU. From my last two years of experience working as a specialist in few hospitals, I found myself much superior in knowledge and experience than other degree holders in emergency medicine. GW MEM is really a good platform for us to establish ourself in future."- Global Hospitals, Chennai, 2016 Graduate

"MEM by GWU has provided a good platform for EM aspirants like us with good core training of Emergency Medicine field. The treatment approach and diagnostic pathway vision is much clear than before. The program has made me the efficient physician I am today. I have evolved to become much more calm and patient by nature. "-KDAH Hospital, Mumbai, 2017 Graduate

“Well no one was aware of emergency medicine in India about 8 -9 years back. But as the number of people doing MEM graduated, emergency care got uplifted. The enthusiasm and spirit to make difference in Indian population lives is slowly taking pace. As a person I am prepared to handle any kind of emergency, anywhere and anytime. I just love teaching to my juniors and staff about patient handling, approach we were taught in MEM always makes us stand out among other specialties.”- Moolchand Medcity Hospital, Delhi, 2015 Graduate

“I must say that the MEM program creates not only smart and brave emergency physicians, but also good critical care specialists as well as an internists, because of its disciplined and well organized module systems, and post graduates are being appreciated in all the fields by their seniors. The program has made me strong enough to remain well alert in any kind of medical conditions to make the best decision for my patients. I learned evidence based practice from MEM curriculum. Thanks to MEM for changing my approach in clinical settings and giving it the best possible direction. I learned the value of discipline through it. The teaching facultiy coming from different parts of the world have taught me how to do your best for someone who is not at all related to you. Ultimately guiding me towards the path of best possible human civilization.”- Peerless Hospital, Kolkata, 2014 Graduate

“In my country there are so many EM program are running now, but the quality of GW-MEM is outstanding. I can feel that every day in my practice. GW-MEM is an eye opener for Indian doctors. It changed the view of casualty in several hospitals. In India it's the only course trained by qualified emergency physicians internationally. It changed me in to a positive and active person, I gained lot of confidence in dealing with patients.” – Aster MIMS Hospital, Calicut, 2014 Graduate