Recent Projects & Highlights

Pediatric Code Cart Challenge

Code carts are used to provide emergency medication, supplies, and equipment to resuscitate a child.  The aim of this project was for each site to develop a pediatric-specific code cart with medications and equipment for pediatric resuscitation.  Our target audience was EM trainees enrolled in our 3-year post-graduate EM program.  Each site used their own pediatric medications and equipment to develop the code cart.  We received submissions from six sites for the code cart challenge. We developed a rubric to evaluate each code cart.  Overall, this was a successful pilot project in which EM trainees in India successfully developed pediatric-specific code carts, with medications and equipment for pediatric resuscitation.  

Overall Winner: MIMS, Kannur:

  • Clear pediatric-focused presentation, based on Braslow tape

1st Runner Up: Max, Patparganj

  • Organized presentation of the cart
  • Showed cognitive aids
  • Included IO, various c-collar sizes

2nd Runner Up: Max, Shalimar Bagh

  • Use of reference sheets with equipment, meds and quantity


Max, Saket

  • Use of aids including PediHelp app

Max, Dehradun

  • Highlighting the importance of careful use of lookalike/soundalike meds


Believers Church Medical College Hospital:

  • Highlighting the use of eference books