Global Emergency Medicine: Updates & Current Projects

The Department of Emergency Medicine at the George Washington University has a long history of working with international partners to build the specialty of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical systems. Our department was one of the first to start a Global EM fellowship program, and we have trained more than 20 fellows over the years. We are committed to the concept of sustainable capacity building programs, by which we build local capacity to deliver more effective emergency care.

Our Department has worked on projects in countries across the globe, including but not limited to India, Oman, Bahrain, Ghana, Ethiopia, Turkey, China, Peru, Chile, Saudi Arabia, and El Salvador.  We place tremendous value on our interactions with physicians and health care providers from around the world.  We are constantly seeking new projects and welcome your inquiries.

Current COVID Surge: India

Our partners, colleagues and friends across India are working tirelessly in the face of the COVID surge.  Despite incredible challenges, there are remarkable, life-saving efforts happening every minute of every hour as our Emergency Medicine colleagues work to provide care, build capacity for care, and expand services to include home care protocols, virtual visits, and more.

Capacity Building in action:

Aster MIMS Calicut field hospital for COVID care, set up in the parking area.  Constructed one day, in operation the next:

Patterns of Disease, Treatment Options, and Experiences from the Frontline:

Check out this podcast discussion with Dr. Ankur Verma from New Delhi with Professor Simon Carley from the UK.


Expansion of Clinical Care Capabilities:  Moolchand Hospital

While the situation is challenging, the EM team is saving lives at Moolchand Hospital, building capacity to provide patient care.