Frequently Asked Questions

How many residents are accepted per class?

  • Four or five residents are accepted each year. We average 18 residents overall.

Do you have an absolute minimal board score cut-off to be granted an interview?

  • No, there is no minimal board score cut-off. However, the program is competitive, and the USMLE scores are evaluated as one of the criteria used to select candidates that will be offered interviews.

Does the department offer fellowships?

Is the residency program accredited by the ACGME?

  • Yes, the program is ACGME accredited. 

Which fellowships fall under ACGME jurisdiction?

How do the residents perform on the American Board of Radiology exam?

  • GW residents perform exceptionally well the board examination. All of our residents have passed the new boards since its inception a few years ago. 

What percent of your residents go on to fellowships?

  • Over the last five years, 98 percent of our residents have chosen to pursue fellowships, generally getting their first or second choice.

How is physics taught?

  • While there are many ongoing lectures, the bulk of the physics teaching occurs in the summer months to introduce the new residents to radiology physics and to prepare the second and third year residents preparing for the ABR exam. Several special multi-hour sessions are planned in the areas of general radiographic physics, CT physics, MRI physics, nuclear medicine camera technology and artifacts, isotopes, radiobiology, and regulations such as MQSA. The lectures are taught by a combination of Ph.D.'s and clinical faculty with experience in these areas.

How is call distributed?

  • We use a night float system with different residents taking weekend day and weekend night call. The senior residents take some back up short call also. The residents take approximately 12 to 13 weeks of night call during their residency, with approximately 6-7 weeks during their second year, with the remainder spread between the 3rd and 4th years. The department is in compliance with the ACGME and institutional work hour rules, and these are regularly tracked by the department and the GME office at GW.

Are there funds for residents to attend meetings?

  •  In general, the residents will have expenses covered for any meetings at which they present a paper or poster (prior department chair approval is required). On average, the residents typically attend 2 national meetings during the course of their training, but may also attend other local or regional radiology meetings/courses. Being in D.C. also means that many national conferences are held locally or nearby, and residents can also attend these meetings. Many of our residents attended the ARRS meeting in D.C. in 2012, and attend ACR Annual meeting (which is also held in DC every year).