Breast Imaging

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The George Washington University’s Comprehensive Breast Imaging and Intervention Center offers three positions for a one-year breast imaging fellowship. The Fellows will be employed to work primarily at the George Washington University Breast Imaging and Intervention Center. Our fellowship program promotes extensive training in all aspects of breast imaging and minimally invasive biopsy. During the fellowship program, we focus on developing expertise in all aspects of breast imaging and interventional procedures in a multi-disciplinary setting with the Fellows spending time in breast pathology, in the operating room observing breast surgery and reconstruction, and in our high-risk breast oncology clinic. Additionally, there is a focus on community outreach and education with participation in Brem Foundation events, where the Fellows have an integral role in community education. The goal of our fellowship program is to foster the growth and development of wholly competent breast imaging and intervention specialists. As part of the fellowship, there will be general radiology call.

Our Breast Imaging and Intervention Center

GW’s Comprehensive Breast Center encompasses a multi-disciplinary program with collaborative efforts from breast imaging, breast surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery, pathology, genetic counseling, social services, and research. As part of the multi-disciplinary program, a weekly conference is held to evaluate all newly diagnosed breast cancers and options for optimal patient care. Over 300 breast cancers are diagnosed and treated annually at GW.

Our patient volume incorporates approximately 25,000 mammograms per year, with a nearly 50/50 distribution between screening and diagnostic imaging. In our practice, diagnostic patients undergo imaging followed by a consultation with one of the radiologists to discuss findings and the next step in management. In addition, we perform approximately 1,200 breast MRI’s per year, 600 Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) exams per year, and over 3,000 minimally invasive procedures per year. We also perform pre-operative localizations utilizing radioactive seeds, as well as wire localizations.

Our practice strives for a “one stop” approach, wherein we attempt to perform all necessary examinations and, if possible, biopsy on the same day. We perform approximately 200 biopsies per month, which include fine needle aspiration, core needle biopsy, and vacuum assisted biopsy with ultrasound, stereotactic, MRI, and gamma guidance. As part of the Minimally Invasive Biopsy Program, we offer a Post-Biopsy Clinic where the biopsy results are reviewed with the patient by the breast imager and triaged to appropriate follow-up care. We have two full-time patient navigators in breast imaging to facilitate optimal patient care.

Our facility hosts:

  • 3 – Hologic Dimensions tomosynthesis units
  • 1 – GE FFDM mammography unit
  • 1 – Hologic Dimensions FFDM mammography unit
  • 3 – Ultrasound units (one with elastography)
  • 1 – 3D automated whole breast ultrasound
  • 1 – Hologic Affirm upright tomosynthesis stereotactic biopsy unit
  • 1 – Hologic prone stereotactic biopsy unit
  • 1 – 1.5 Tesla GE Signa magnet in breast imaging with CAD and a Sentinelle Imaging Table with biopsy capability
  • 1 – Dilon 6800 Breast Specific Gamma Camera
  • 1 – Mobile mammography van, which covers the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia regions (primarily focusing on the underserved communities)