Cardiac Imaging

The two-week Cardiac Imaging rotation occurs in the fourth year with dedicated exposure to cardiac MRI and coronary/cardiac CTA. (The resident is trained in cardiac nuclear medicine and interpretation of myocardial perfusion images while on the nuclear medicine rotations. Training in plain film cardiac radiology occurs during the thoracic radiology rotations). During the cardiac MR/CTA rotation the resident is responsible for triaging cases, being present to monitor performance of cardiac imaging cases, and interpretation and dictation of the cases under supervision of the radiology faculty.

The Department enjoys a collaborative and extremely collegial relationship with the Cardiology Division. Many of our referrals come from the chest-pain service within the hospital. Coronary CTA's are jointly and double read using straight multi-planar reformats (Cardiology) and curved reformats (Radiology) before issuing a joint report.

In addition to the monitoring and interpretation of active cases, a database of recent cases are maintained on the work station that the resident may reformat and use to assess their interpretation skills. There are also numerous online and video teaching materials that the residents are encouraged to complete while on the rotation.