Alcohol & Substance Use Services

We provide outpatient screening, evaluation and treatment for individuals with alcohol and substance use disorders. Emphasis is placed on developing an individualized treatment plan which incorporates a combination of evidenced-based practices, medications as appropriate, management of other psychiatric conditions if present and individual therapy aimed at achieving sustained recovery and realization of an individual’s life goals.

Involvement of family and significant others in treatment planning is often important and utilized as appropriate with a patient’s consent. Ongoing and or random urine testing for substances of abuse is recommended as part of treatment. The frequency and length of treatment vary and are individualized. Patients with a history of chronic pain requiring ongoing opiate treatment will be referred to the GWU Pain Center.

After evaluation, some patients may require more intensive treatment such as residential, inpatient, or day treatment and are assisted with referral. Clinic staff can provide ongoing care following discharge. We also accept referrals for ongoing treatment after completion of more intensive programs.

For individuals who are already in treatment with another provider, we are happy to provide a consultation with recommendations with respect to the use of alcohol and substances to you or your provider.

Specific services provided alone, or in combination:

Medication-assisted treatment for:

  • Alcohol Dependence (disulfiram, naltrexone, acamprosate, topiramate)
  • Opiate Dependence (Suboxone, buprenorphine, naltrexone)
  • Nicotine Dependence (Chantix, bupropion, nicotene replacement)
  • Management of co-existing psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder
  • Insight-oriented psychotherapy
  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy aimed at relapse prevention
  • Consultation requested by other providers for diagnosis and recommendations
  • One-time evaluation with report of recommendations and referral
    Evaluation and recommendations as requested by university counseling services

Suena H. Massey, M.D., Director of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services