Resident Wellness Program

The role of resident wellness in promoting well-being and preventing burnout in psychiatry residents.
psychiatry residents

At the 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (AADPRT) in March 2014, Drs. Lisa Catapano, Lorenzo Norris, and Eindra Khin Khin presented the George Washington University’s Psychiatry Resident Wellness Program.

In a workshop titled “The Role of Resident Wellness in Promoting Well-being and Preventing Burnout in Psychiatry Residents,” the team was joined by Drs. Robert Feeley and David Ross from Yale School of Medicine. In this presentation, the cost of and risk factors for resident burnout, including personality characteristics, coping strategies, and environmental/programmatic factors, specifically as these relate to psychiatry training, were discussed. In addition, the literature on the effectiveness of physician and student wellness programs on promoting health and preventing burnout was reviewed. How such programs contribute to the development of professionalism and self-care as set out by the ACGME Milestones was also explored. After presenting two models of resident wellness programs from GW and Yale, the audience engaged in an active discussion on developing a model of a resident wellness program for their own institution or an improvement plan for an existing program. In this discussion, the multifaceted approach of our Resident Wellness Program was highlighted as unique, comprehensive, and pragmatic by the audience.

Wellness diagram