Resident Meetings

Resident Training Committee Meetings (RTC)

The Residency Training Committee meetings are held monthly when the representatives of each PGY class come together to meet with the Residency Administration officials.  In addition, each class regularly meets as a group with the chief residents and associate program directors. These frequent meetings foster open communication, provide an opportunity for the residents to set their own agenda, allow issues to be addressed in a timely manner and changes to be implemented promptly, and empower the residents to stay involved. 

Town Hall Meetings

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance and improve the quality of our residents’ education and training, we hold confidential town hall meetings on a quarterly basis, which are open to the residents of all classes. They provide a forum to discuss updates within the program as well as an opportunity to address any resident issues or concerns. 

Class Meetings with Chiefs

Every class has the opportunity to meet with the inpatient chief at regular intervals. As interns often need more guidance early in their training, PGY-1s meet monthly, PGY-2s meet every 2 months, PGY-3s every 3 months, and PGY-4s every 4 months. These meetings are meant to offer residents the opportunity to check-in as a class to see how everyone is doing and discuss any pertinent issues that may need to be addressed. In addition to class meetings, chiefs often meet with individual residents at different sites to offer support and guidance as needed.