Inova Fairfax-GW Psychosomatic Fellowship

The Inova Fairfax-GW Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship has been training post-residency fellows for over three decades and nearly 90 graduates have entered into a diverse range of careers in academic, governmental, public sector, and private settings. Graduates of the program include chairs of academic departments, psychosomatic medicine division directors in academic programs, residency and fellowship program directors, general hospital directors, and both community health and private practitioners. The forum for the training is broad and spans the acute medical setting to the ambulatory clinic. Fellows develop skills working with the medically ill in the high technological units of the tertiary care hospital, as well as competencies managing primary care patients with somatic complaints. Strategies for effective communication with physicians and other health care providers are emphasized during training. Additionally, fellows learn collaborative methods for individual and family interventions, as well as family-centered care, which mobilize strengths and build resilience for patient and family alike.

The program is directed by Dr. Catherine C. Crone, a fellow of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM) and its current treasurer, and by Dr. Thomas N. Wise, a past president of both the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine and the American Psychosomatic Society. Dr. Wise is associate chair in the GW Department of Psychiatry. Both Drs. Crone and Wise have focused their careers on fellowship training, and have served on the APM Fellowship Training Subcommittee and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology's Psychosomatic Medicine Examination Committee. Dr. Lorenzo Norris, Associate Residency Director and Director of the Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Service at GW Hospital, provides additional leadership for the fellowship. Dr. Norris is on the editorial board of Psychiatric Annals and involved in the development of American Cancer Society guidelines regarding care of the cancer patient. Dr. James Griffith, Chair and Director of the Residency Program, is subspecialty board-certified in Psychosomatic Medicine and provides training with bedside psychotherapy and resilience-building brief psychotherapy with medically-ill patients. Drs. Crone, Wise, and Norris also serve on the American Psychiatric Association's Council on Psychosomatic Medicine. Over 300 research articles, clinical reports, and other scholarly works have been published by this division. (See the list of publications). Drs. Crone, Wise, and Norris are on the editorial boards of numerous peer-reviewed journals that focus upon the interface between medicine and psychiatry.

The Fellowship is based at the Inova Fairfax Hospital, an 833-bed tertiary care teaching hospital in Falls Church, Virginia. The hospital is a leader in transplant medicine with active cardiac, pulmonary, and renal transplant services. The Inova Heart and Vascular Institute, housing 156 beds, is the region's only facility dedicated exclusively to heart and vascular care. Inova Fairfax Hospital provides a large oncology service, as well as the area's only Level 1 trauma service. The obstetrics program is the fifth busiest in the nation. Inova Children's Hospital, with 186 beds, is Northern Virginia's only pediatric tertiary care center and includes a dedicated pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), as well as the area's largest subspecialty neonatal intensive care until (NICU). Residency training programs exist in all core specialties, and a full-time staff of over 150 physicians complements a large base of community specialists. The psychiatric faculty at Inova Fairfax includes 5 full-time faculty members, as well as a number of part-time faculty members, who have all completed fellowship training in Psychosomatic Medicine.

Primary Faculty

Catherine Crone, M.D.*

Transplant and GI psychiatry, psycho-oncology

Thomas Wise, M.D.*

Psycho-oncology, somatoform disorders

Lorenzo Norris, M.D.*

Psycho-oncology, ALS

Robert Johnson, M.D.

Primary care psychiatry

Jennifer Santoro, M.D.*

Women's mental health

Deyadira Baez-Sierra, M.D.

HIV psychiatry

Addittional Faculty

James Griffith, M.D.*

Bedside psychotherapy, resilience-building psychotherapy with medically ill outpatients

Susan Trachman, M.D.

Forensic issues in consultation psychiatry

Ross Silverstein, M.D.

Psychodynamic psychiatry

Navid Rashid, M.D.

General hospital psychiatry

Lorenzo Perkins, M.D.

General consultation psychiatry

Michael Kronen, M.D.

Consultation issues in child and adolescent psychiatry

Michael Sheridan, D.Sci.

Research issues in psychosomatic medicine

Niru Jani, M.D.

Neurology and neuropsychiatry

Kathy Zaepfel, L.C.S.W.

Hypnosis and relaxation therapy

* denotes diplomate with added qualifications in Psychosomatic Medicine