Student Testimonials

Frank Buchanan

Meg Winata, Cohort 5

When I was applying to post-bac programs, I knew I wanted to attend a school with a cohort-style program where I could finish my premedical coursework in one year. From the beginning of the program, I felt that the professors and Teaching Assistants at GW were invested in my success. I knew that as a career-changer, I would find the transition back to school challenging. The accessibility of GW faculty outside of class through office hours, tutoring, and review sessions helped me gain a solid understanding of the post-bac material, which has continued to serve me well in medical school. Additionally, the small size of the program fostered a collaborative learning environment, and I enjoyed having a small, close-knit group of peers for study sessions and weekend trips to DC. Throughout the ensuing gap year, my professors (and classmates), were invaluable resources who provided guidance, support, and reassurance as I applied and interviewed for medical schools. I’m currently in my M1 year at the Emory University School of Medicine and have no doubt my experience and the connections I made at GW helped prepare me for this journey.


Frank Buchanan

Frank Buchanan, Cohort 1

The Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine Program at GW was exactly what I hoped it would be: personal, comprehensive, and intensive. The faculty and administration were completely dedicated to my success. The cohort was an interesting mix of highly motivated and qualified individuals, with diverse experiences and perspectives, but all with a shared goal of pursuing a career in medicine. The program prepared me well for the MCAT and also provided invaluable feedback for my medical school applications. I am thankful I chose the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine Program at GW because I believe it played an integral part in my successful admission into Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin, where I am excited to begin my medical career this summer.

Caitlin Davis

Caitlin Davis, Cohort 1

In applying to pre-medical programs from a career in policy research, I knew I wanted to stay plugged in to the world of health policy in Washington. I was excited to learn that George Washington University had just added a post bacc program that would provide access to all the benefits of such a large, nationally-regarded research institution. When I interviewed with the program, I knew immediately that it was the right fit: the post bacc combined the network of a major academic medical center with a small class size, comprehensive curriculum, and top-notch mentorship. Throughout my pre-medical year, I developed a solid foundation in the basic sciences, benefited from individualized attention from professors, and received great guidance in preparing for the MCAT. I was connected with resources across the GW network, including doctors who provided me with opportunities for shadowing and research collaboration. I realized early on that GW was everything I was looking for in a medical school, chose to apply through the linkage program, and was admitted as a member of the class of 2020. Having just finished my first year of medical school, I'm grateful that the post bacc program set me up to succeed in medical school and beyond.

Brent Etiz

Brent Etiz, Cohort 2

I made the decision to leave my job in Silicon Valley in order to pursue my dream of becoming a physician. Having graduated with a degree in economics from Stanford and having not taken any of the required science courses for medical school, I began looking at various post-baccalaureate programs. I was immediately drawn to the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine Program at GW due to the cohort structure and small class size, the accessibility of the faculty, the ability to complete all of the required courses for medical school admission within one year, and the guidance and support offered by the program director. The program surpassed all of my expectations. In addition to the great instruction and preparation, we had a chance to build a cohesive and supportive camaraderie within the cohort. Outside of the classroom, we had opportunities to pursue research and expand our clinical experience through opportunities like volunteering at a local hospital. I truly believe that my experience at George Washington prepared me for the MCAT, medical school, and life as a physician. I will forever be grateful for my time at George Washington and the role it played in my journey towards achieving my dream.

Doha Hussien

Doha Hussien, Cohort 2

As an undergraduate student, I attended a 50,000-student campus with class sizes averaging 200-500 students for most of my undergraduate career. When I made the decision to leave the workforce as an Electronic Medical Record trainer and become a student again, it was important that I received a more personalized education where I could regularly interact with my professors. Having an advisor who was truly invested in my success and supportive of every step was invaluable. The post-baccalaureate program at GWU felt tailored to my needs and has laid the groundwork for my path of becoming a physician.

Gregory PerrautGreg Perraut, Cohort 1

I graduated as a double major in Finance and Accounting and spent the year after graduation working as a financial consultant. Not long into my job, I sensed a lack of fulfillment and started looking into post-baccs. I was drawn to GW for the small class size, separate from the undergrad. I found this created a very supportive atmosphere, where we all propped each other up. It reduced the stress of the compact schedule and made it easier to speak with each other openly. It allowed us to foster actual relationships with our professors, who were always there to answer a question, respond to an email, and provide excellent advice. The Program Director was very attentive to our needs and suggestions, and she helped keep our sights set on the long-term goal of getting into medical school. GW provided me with excellent resources to both prepare for the MCAT and apply successfully to medical school. I spent my gap year scribing in an Emergency Department, which was a highly educational and terrific experience heading into medical school. Starting in August 2017, I will be attending University of Maryland School of Medicine, following my father and brother's footsteps, and none of it would have been possible without GW.

Sonja SamantSonja Samant, Cohort 1

I knew that I wanted three things from my postbac experience: a rigorous course load that could be completed in one year, small class sizes to form meaningful relationships with professors, and an intellectual climate where I can share my life with other passionate students. After completing GWU’s postbac program, it is evident that these three aspects are manifested within GWU's program. As a History major from Duke University, I was apprehensive about taking so many science courses at once. However, our professors made our success their priority. They not only presented us with the material that was needed to prepare for the MCAT, but also always found ways to connect class material to clinical medicine. Additionally, the program director made the daunting process of applying to medical school one that actually made sense. She was always there to answer questions, edit essays, and be a sounding board for ideas. It is because of my experience at GWU that I feel prepared to start at the University of Florida College of Medicine this fall.