Global Environmental Health

“In the Environmental and Occupational Health Concentration you can choose from two MPH programs, Environmental Health Science and Policy (EHSP) and Global Environmental Health (GEH). Both provide a solid grounding in the relevant science, develop analytic skills to compare options and identify solutions and clearly show the link between science and policy in public health. EHSP is primarily concerned with the developed world, with GEH the developing world is the target. In EOH, our goal is helping to deliver a sustainable future for all.”

George Gray, Ph.D.
Interim Chair

Global Environmental Health...

  • assess environmental exposures.
  • interprets epidemiologic and other research findings related to global environmental health risks.
  • assume leadership roles in designing, implementing and evaluating programs that focus on modification of environmental health-related behaviors at local, regional, national and/or global levels.

For more information please see the Milken Institute School of Public Health - Global Environmental Health homepage.


Year 1, Semester 1
Course Number Title Credits
PubH 6002 Biostatistical Applications for Public Health 3
PubH 6003 Principles and Practice of Epidemiology 3
PubH 6007 Social and Behavioral Approaches to Public Health 2
PubH 6009 Fundamentals of Program Evaluation 2
PubH 6011 Environmental and Biological Foundations of Public Health 3
PubH 6012 Fundamentals of Health Policy 2
PubH 6021 Essentials of PH Practice and Leadership 1 - Leading Self and Teams in PH 1
PubH 6591 Leadership Seminar for PA/MPH Students 1
ANAT 6215 Anatomy of Health Science Students 3
Total Semester Credits 20
Year 1, Semester 2
Course Number Title Credits
PubH 6022 Essentials in PH Practice and Leadership 2 - Managing Organizations and Influencing Systems in PH 1
PubH 6121 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology 3
PubH 6126 Assessment and Control of Environmental Hazards 3
PubH 6400 Global Health Frameworks 2
PubH 6137 EOH Culminating Experience A 1
PubH 6XXX Elective Public Health Elective 1
PA 6122 Role of PA in American Health Care 2
Total Semester Credits 13
Year 1, Semester 3
Course Number Title Credits
PubH 6435 Global Health Program Development and Implementation 2
PubH 6411 Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis 2
PubH 6131 Applied Data Analysis in EOH 3
PubH 6128 Global Environmental Health, Online 2
PubH 6138 EOH Culminating Experience B 1
PA 6119 Health, Justice & Society II 1
Total Semester Credits 11
Year 2, Semester 1  
(PA Only Courses)
Course Number Title Credits
PA 6101 Clinical Assessment I 4
PA 6104 Integration into Clinical Concepts I 2
PA 6109 Foundations of Medicine 5
PA 6111 Evidence-Based Practice for PA/MPH  Students 1
PHYL 6211 Physiology for Health Sciences Students 3
Total Semester Credits   15
Year 2, Semester 2
(PA Only Courses)
Course Number Title Credits
PA 6102 Clinical Assessment II 1
PA 6105 Integration into Clinical Concepts II 2
PA 6112 Clinical Medicine I 7
PA 6116 Clinical Skills I 2
PA 6120 Human Behavior 2
PHAR 6207 Basic Principles of Pharmacology 2
Total Semester Credits   16
Year 2, Semester 3
(PA Only Courses)
Course Number Title Credits
PA 6103 Clinical Assessment III 1
PA 6106 Integration into Clinical Concepts III 2
PA 6113 Clinical Medicine II 7
PA 6117 Clinical Skills II 1
PA 6121 Clinical Specialties 6
PHAR 6208 Pharm in Dis. Pathophysiology 2
Total Semester Credits   19
Year 3, Semester 1-3
(PA Rotations)
Course Number Title Credits
PA 6259 Introduction to Clinical Education 2
PA 6261 Inpatient Medicine Clinical Practicum 5
PA 6262 Primary Care Care Clinical Practicum 5
PA 6263 Surgical Inpatient Clinical Practicum 5
PA 6264 Women's Health Clinical Practicum 5
PA 6265 Pediatrics Clinical Practicum 5
PA 6266 Emergency Medicine Clinical Practicum 5
PA 6267 Behavioral Medicine Clinical Practicum 5
PA 6268 Elective Clinical Practicum* 5
PA 6300 Introduction to Professional Practice 2
Clinical Year Total Credits   44

*Elective in required Occupational Health to substitute for required GEH practicum requirement.