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The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) curriculum consists of 109 credits of coursework over eight consecutive semesters beginning in the fall of Year I and concluding in the spring of Year III, including intense study in the foundational, behavioral, and clinical sciences. Students learn to manage patients and clients with musculoskeletal, neuromotor, cardiopulmonary, and integumentary dysfunction. The curriculum also guides students' exploration of the legal/ethical aspects of patient care as well as issues of communication, health promotion, policy, and practice management. Through participation in research courses and integration of evidence-based practice throughout the management courses, graduates become critical consumers of research and evidence-based practitioners.

The curriculum also features extensive hands-on experience, including continuous work with “standardized patients” who help students practice integrating principles of professional practice with knowledge from the foundational, behavioral, and clinical sciences. The DPT program includes 34 weeks of full-time internship experience in local, national, and international locations.

Program of Study

Fall I Semester I

PT 8201 Functional Anatomy  
PT 8311 Foundations of Examination  
PT 8312 Foundations of Interventions  
PT 8351 Professional Issues in Physical Therapy Health Care Management I   
PT 8361 Clinical Conference I  

Spring I Semester II

PT 8202 Applied Physiology  
PT 8313 Therapeutic Modalities  
PT 8352 Teaching in Physical Therapy Practice  
PT 8203 Neuroscience in Rehabilitation I  
PT 8271 Research in Practice  
PT 8362 Clinical Conference II  
PT 8483 Integrated Clinical Experience I  
PT 8204 Movement Science I  

Summer I Semester III

PT 8205 Movement Science II  
PT 8206 Neuroscience in Rehabilitation II  
PT 8207 Clinical Medicine and Pharmacology  
PT 8363 Clinical Conference III  
PT 8481 Interprofessional Community Practicum  

Fall II Semester IV

PT 8315 Management of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction I  
PT 8208 Medical Imaging  
PT 8318 Management of Neuromotor Dysfunction  
PT 8323 Prosthetics & Orthotics  
PT 8364 Clinical Conference IV  
PT 8272 Research Seminar  
PT 8484 Integrated Clinical Experience II  

Spring II Semester V

PT 8316 Management of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction II  
PT 8320 Management of the Pediatric Client  
PT 8322 Management of the Aging Adult  
PT 8314 Management of Cardiopulmonary Dysfunction  
PT 8317 Management of Integumentary Dysfunction  
PT 8365 Clinical Conference V  

Summer II Semester VI

PT 8491 Clinical Internship I  
PT 8366 Clinical Conference VI  
PT 8321 Women's Health  

Fall III Semester VII

PT 8492 Clinical Internship II  
PT 8355 Professional Issues in Physical Therapy Health Care Management II  
PT 8357 Capstone Seminar  
PT 8356 Health Promotion and Wellness  

Spring III Semester VIII

PT 8493 Clinical Internship III