Keystone Symposia – Viral Immunity: Mechanisms and Consequences

Nixon Lab members travel to Santa Fe, NM for a weeklong conference that combined immunology and virology for cross-disciplinary discussion and development.
Nixon at Keystone Symposia

Dr. Douglas Nixon, Dr. Miguel de Mulder and Greta Beckerle attended this year’s Keystone Symposia on Viral Immunity: Mechanisms and Consequences. The conference took place in Santa Fe, NM during the week of February 19 – 23, 2017.

The Viral Immunity Symposia was an exciting program directed at promoting interactions in the fields of virology and immunology, two disciplines that when combined lead to increased scientific discovery. A distinguished group of international scientists assembled to discuss topics including: detecting and controlling endogenous viruses, the evolution of host-virus relationships, memory responses in peripheral tissues, developing vaccines, and the consequences of virus infections and the resulting immune responses.

Both Dr. de Mulder and Ms. Beckerle presented posters displaying current lab projects on the first day of the conference, which lead to interactive discussions with fellow scientists. The titles were “IFITM1 targets HIV-1 latently infected cells for antibody dependent cytolysis” and “Restriction Factors Expression Profile in ZIKA Virus,” respectively.

Highlights of the conference included the scientific organizers as plenary speakers, as well as workshops for postdocs and aspiring researchers to learn how to display their data in a way that can engage established doctors in their fields. The keynote address was given by the renowned immunologist Rafi Ahmed from the Emory University School of Medicine. He described his work on defining stem-like CD8 T cells that respond to PD-1 therapy.

Two free afternoons provided attendees with time to explore all historic Santa Fe has to offer, including a guided tour of the old city, skiing / snowboarding opportunities, and an excursion to the nearby Bandelier National Monument.  There was no shortage of museums and art galleries to peruse through, and a plethora of fabulous restaurants to try out during Santa Fe’s Restaurant Week.

Overall, this Keystone Symposia offered an amazing opportunity for discussion and cross-disciplinary interaction that will hopefully lead to advancements in scientific research.

To learn more about the Keystone Symposia program and upcoming conferences, please click here.

Keystone Symposia