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SMHS Students Inducted into Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s Gold Humanism Honor Society

Members from the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) community gathered with friends and family in Washington, D.C.’s historic Willard Hotel to pay tribute to a select group for their induction into the Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). The society recognizes medical students, residents, physician-teachers, and others for their “demonstrated excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service.”

This year, 28 members of the SMHS Class of 2013, as well as two residents and one faculty member, were chosen by their peers for induction into the professional society. The GHHS mission is to foster a respectful and compassionate relationship between physicians and their patients, emphasizing seven key characteristics: integrity, clinical expertise, compassion, altruism, respect, empathy, and service.

Founded in response to the growing demand for interns and residents who possess both outstanding clinical and interpersonal skills, the society seeks to elevate the values of humanism and professionalism within the field of medicine. In 2007, SMHS joined more than 50 medical schools in establishing a chapter of the GHHS.

This year’s inductees are:

Sarah Burnett, M.D. ’13

Adam Beitscher, M.D. ’13

Colby Chapman, M.D. ’13

Dipti Chhajwani, M.D. ’13

Christopher D’Avella, M.D. ’13

Anna Dill, M.S. IV

Meredith Dobbs Kapner, M.D. ’13

Amanda Eisenberg, M.D. ’13

Julie Gibbons, M.D. ’13

Yevgeniya Gora, M.D. ’13

Rachel Harold, M.D. ’13

Laurel Hasting, M.D. ’13

Sarah Hyoun, M.D. ’13

Ryan Karsner, M.D. ’13

Yonit Lax, M.D. ’13

Wesley Ludwig, M.D. ’13

Carolyn McGann, M.D. ’13

Atif Mohiuddin, M.D. ’13

Linda Ojo, M.D. ’13

Dan O’Neil, M.D. ’13

Andrew Orton, M.D. ’13

Kenneth Ruth, M.D. ’13

Jessica Sheingold, M.D. ’13

Eric Signoff, M.D. ’13

Alexandra Sims, M.D. ’13

Regina Toto, M.D. ’13

Obinna Ugwu-Oju, M.D. ’13

Andrew Zhang, M.D. ’13

Resident Inductees:
Pia Prakash, M.D., internal medicine, primary care

Jeffrey Zweig, M.D., internal medicine, primary care

Faculty Inductee:
Jillian Catalanotti, M.D., assistant professor of medicine