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Pedro A. Jose, MD, PhD, Receives ‘Outstanding Overseas Filipinos’ Award from President Duterte

Congratulations to Pedro A. Jose, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, who received special recognition from Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte.

On Dec. 5, Jose received the Pamana ng Pilipino Presidential Award for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas (PAFIOO) at Malacañang Palace in Manila, Philippines. President Duterte conferred this award to those “who, in exemplifying the talent and industry of the Filipino, have brought the country honor and recognition through excellence and distinction in the pursuit of their work or profession.”

The Presidential Award for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas is a biennial search for individuals and organizations based abroad that have dedicated their work in the service of Filipinos. Recipients were selected from nominations received by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas from 28 countries through 37 Philippine embassies and consulates. 

Jose was recognized for his impact on hypertension research. A nephrologist and basic sciences and translational researcher, he is known for his work on the pathogenesis, genetics, and pharmacogenetics of hypertension. He has more than 380 scientific publications, which are cited more than 9,000 times, with 63 articles cited 50 or more times, 22 of which are cited more than 100 times. Four of his publications were covers of scientific journals, eight were the subject of editorial commentaries, and two were featured articles. 

For his impressive research portfolio and impact on the field, Jose has received several academic and research awards, including the 2003 Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture (American Heart Association), 2007 Ernest H. Starling Distinguished Lecture (American Physiological Society), a 2007 MERIT award (National Institutes of Health), and 2015 Excellence Award for Hypertension Research (American Heart Association).

“I am honored to have been recognized by President Duterte in my country of origin, the Philippines,” said Jose. “I hope to encourage the next generation to become involved in medical research and discovery, and continue our path toward personalized medicine.”

The PAFIOO was given to 25 outstanding individuals and organizations. Awardees were divided into four categories: Banaag, Pamana ng Pilipino, Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino, and Kaanib ng Bayan. In addition to Jose, the Pamana ng Pilipino Award was given to Paul C. Balan (United States), Edward M. Brotonel (United States), Nicolas M. Caraquel (United States), Elizabeth L. Engle (United States), Maria Theresa A. Eviota (Switzerland), Teresita A. Marques (Portugal), C. Joe Sayas, Jr. (United States), Jose Dennis C. Teodosio (Myanmar), Saturnino H. Tiamson, Jr. (Hong Kong), and Jhett D. Tolentino (United States).

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