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Dr. Sally A. Moody Publishes Reference Book, “Principles of Developmental Genetics”

Principles of Developmental Genetics cover Congratulations to Sally A. Moody, Ph.D., professor of anatomy and regenerative biology at the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences, who served as editor of the newly published reference book, "Principles of Developmental Genetics, 2nd Edition."

Basic cell and developmental biologists, developmental geneticists, stem cell biologists, clinical scientists and evo-devo biologists can use this book to review the critical prenatal developmental processes in animals, synthesizing basic developmental biology with systems biology, new technological advances and human genetics and genomics.

Providing expert coverage of all major events in early embryogenesis and the organogenesis of specific systems, and supplemented with representative clinical syndromes, Moody discusses the processes of normal development in embryonic and prenatal animals, including humans. The new edition of this classic work supports clinical researchers developing future therapies with its all-new coverage of systems biology, stem cell biology, new technologies, and clinical disorders.

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