Educational Components of the Program


Encompassing operative experience and in-patient and out-patient activities


A core curriculum for resident education has been established and includes:

Explore theĀ schedule of conferences.

  • Resident Academic Day Conferences
    • Neurosurgery Grand Rounds
    • Pathology Conferences
    • Resident Lecture Series
  • Specialty Conferences
    • Neurology Grand Rounds
    • Epilepsy Conference
    • Pediatric Conference (CNMC)
  • Journal Club
    • Monthly (Dr. Ammerman) - It is essential that neurosurgeons be able to critically analyze the medical literature. For that reason end the Journal Club for the George Washington Neurosurgery Residents was founded in the late 1950's by Dr. Harvey Ammerman. The residents would come to Dr. Ammerman's home once a month for dinner and to review the current medical journals. In 1962 Dr. Ammerman sponsored a year-end Journal Club banquet to honor the graduating Chief Residents. This tradition has been continued by Dr. Bruce Ammerman and a third generation of Ammermans, Drs. Joshua and Matthew Ammerman as a fitting end to the residents' formal training and education.
  • Washington Academy
    • Visiting Professor
  • Surgical Anatomy Lab Dissection Core Course
    • Conducted in the Ammerman Lab under the supervision of faculty members, this course is designed to give residents cadaveric surgical experience in neuroanatomy.
  • All City Grand Rounds


  • Basic Science
  • Clinical Projects

Presentations / Publications

  • Abstracts, papers, chapters
  • Grand Rounds Talks
  • National Meeting Presentations

Ammerman Microsurgical Lab

  • Training on surgical approaches
  • Research projects
  • Participation in medical student anatomy course
  • Microvascular training