Message from the Chairman

Dear Residency Candidates:

Dr. Henry KaminskiThank you for considering GW as your home during neurology training. Since taking on the Chair position in 2011 we have expanded the size of the faculty considerably and are expanding our physical footprint to Maryland and Virginia.

We remain, and always will be, a department distinguished by its excellence and devotion to resident education. We are among the few neurology programs in the United States to receive 5 years of accreditation from the ACGME. Most programs are happy with 3. This speaks to the dedication of Perry Richardson to making your training experience an excellent one and the quality of our faculty's teaching abilities.

We expect you to participate in scholarly activities during your training and thereby expand knowledge about the complexity of the nervous system and patient care. For assistance, you can tap into the rich resources of the University and the entire DC academic community. If you wish, you may develop rotations with adjunct faculty at the National Institutes of Health.

Our goal is to produce outstanding clinicians who advance the care of patients with neurological disorders wherever they go after GW. Our graduates have moved across the country and the world to practice in the private sector and academics. To add to the excitement of your training, you will do this in the environment of Washington DC, in my opinion the most dynamic city in the nation.

We welcome your application and look forward to meeting you. 

Henry J. Kaminski, M.D.
-Meta Amalia Neumann Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurology