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2017 Publications

Van Tong H, Brindley PJ, Meyer CG, Velavan TP (2017) Parasite infection, carcinogenesis and human malignancy. eBioMedicine, 15, 12-23

McNulty SN, Tort JF, Rinaldi G, Fischer PU, Rosa BA, Smircich P, Fontenla S, Choi YJ, Tyagi R, Hallsworth-Pepin K, Mann VH, Kammili L, Latham PS, Dell’Oca N, Dominguez F, Carmona C, Fischer K, Brindley PJ, Mitreva M. (2017) Genomes of Fasciola hepatica from the Americas reveal colonization with Neorickettsia endobacteria related to the agents of Potomac horse and human Sennetsu fevers. PLoS Genetics 13(1):e1006537

Wang J, Yu Y, Shen H, Qing T, Xuan J, Li Q, Wang S, Li N, Chai R, Xu B, Liu M, Brindley PJ, McManus DP, Shi L, Hu W. (2017) Dynamic transcriptomes identify biogenic amines and insect-like hormonal regulation for reproduction in Schistosoma japonicum. Nature Communications 8, 14693

Deenonpoe R, Mairiang E, Mairiang P, Pairojkul C, Chamgramol Y, Rinaldi G, Loukas A, Brindley PJ, Sripa B. (2017) Elevated prevalence of Helicobacter species and virulence factors in opisthorchiasis and associated hepatobiliary disease. Scientific Reports 7_42744

Brindley PJ, Loukas A. (2017) Helminth infection-induced malignancy. PLOS Pathogens, Pearl 13(7): e1006393

Dheilly NM, Bolnick D, Bordenstein S, Brindley PJ, Figueres C, Holmes EC, Martínez MJ, Phillips AJ, Poulin R, Rosario K.
The Parasite Microbiome Project (PMP) to systematically investigate microbiome dynamics within and across parasite-host interactions.
mSystems 2(4) e00050-17

Gouveia MJ, Pakharukova MY, Laha, T, Sripa, B, Maksimova GA, Rinaldi G, Brindley PJ, Mordvinov VA, Amaro T, Santos LL, Correia da Costa JM, Vale N. (2017)
Infection with Opisthorchis felineus induces intraepithelial neoplasia of the biliary tract in a rodent model.
Carcinogenesis, in press DOI

Bansal PS, Smout MJ, Wilson D, Caceres CC, Dastpeyman M, Seifert J, Brindley PJ, Loukas A, Daly NL. (2017)
Development of a potent wound healing agent based on the liver fluke granulin scaffold.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry DOI

Gouveia MJ, Rinaldi G, Brindley PJ, Correia da Costa JM, Vale N. (2017)
Praziquantel for schistosomiasis: a single drug revisited.
Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy 61:5 16 e02582-16

2016 Publications

Mitta G, Gourbal B, Grunau C, Knight M, Bridger JM, Theron A (2016) The compatibility between Biomphalaria glabrata snails and Schistosoma mansoni: an increasingly complex puzzle. Advances in Parasitology (in press)

Suttiprapa S, Rinaldi G, Tsai, I.J., Mann VH, Dubrovsky L, Yan H, Holroyd N, Huckvale T, Durrant C, Protasio A, Pushkarsky T, Iordanskiy S, Berriman M, Bukrinsky MI, Brindley PJ. (2016) HIV-1 integrates widely throughout the genome of the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni. PLoS Pathogens 12(10): e1005931 doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1005931

Saltykova IV, Petrov VA, Logacheva MD, Ivanova PG, Merzlikin NV, Sazonov AE, Ogorodova L, Brindley PJ. (2016) Biliary microbiota, gallstone disease and infection withOpisthorchis felineus. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, in press

Knight M, Ittiprasert W, Arican-Goktas HD, Bridger JM (2016) Epigenetic modulation, stress and plasticity in susceptibility of the snail host, Biomphalaria glabrata to Schistosoma mansoni infection. International Journal for Parasitology, in press

Saltykova IV, Ogorodova LM, Ivanov VV, Bogdanov AO, Gereng EA, Perina EA, Brindley PJ, Sazonov AE (2016) Carbonyl stress phenomena during chronic infection with Opisthorchis felineus. Parasitology International, in press

Bernardo C, Cunha MC, Santos JH, da Costa JM, Brindley PJ, Lopes C, Amado F, Ferreira R, Vitorino R, Santos LL (2016) Insight into the molecular basis of Schistosoma haematobium-induced bladder cancer through urine proteomics. Tumor Biology, in press

2015 Publications

Brindley PJ, Costa JM, Sripa B. (2015) Why does infection with some helminths cause cancer? Trends in Cancer, in press 

Smout MJ, Sotillo J, Laha T, Papatpremsiri A, Rinaldi G, Pimenta RN, Chan LY, Johnson MS, Turnbull L, Whitchurch CB, Giacomin PR, Moran CS, Golledge J, Daly N, Sripa B, Mulvenna JP, Brindley PJ, Loukas A. (2015) Carcinogenic parasite secretes growth factor that accelerates wound healing and potentially promotes neoplasia. PLoS Pathogens 20;11(10):e1005209. 

Pakharukova MY, Vavilin VA, Duzhak TG, Sripa B, Laha T, Brindley PJ, Mordvinov VA. (2015) Functional analysis of the unique cytochrome P450 of the liver fluke Opisthorchis felineus.  PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 9(12):e0004258.

Knight M, Elhelu O, Smith M, Haugen B, Miller A, Raghavan N, Wellman C, Cousin C, Dixon F, Mann V, Rinaldi G, Ittiprasert W, Brindley PJ. (2015) Susceptibility of snails to infection with schistosomes is influenced by temperature and expression of heat shock proteins. Epidemiology (Sunnyvale). 2015 5(2). pii: 189.

Jurberg, A. D., Brindley P. J., eds. (2015). 'Gene Function in Schistosomes: Recent Advances Towards a Cure'. Lausanne: Frontiers Media. doi: 10.3389/978-2-88919-556-5

Santos J, Chaves J, Araujo H, Costa JM, Brindley PJ, Lopes C, Naples J, Shiff C, Duptet J, Santos LL (2015) Comparison of findings using ultrasonography and cystoscopy in urogenital schistosomiasis in a general practice in rural Angola. South African Medical Journal 105, 312-315

Deenonpoe R, Chomvarin C, Pairojkul C, Chamgramol Y, Loukas A, Brindley PJ, Sripa B.  (2015) The carcinogenic liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini is a reservoir for species of Helicobacter. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 16, 1751-1758

Gao X, Goggin K, Dowling C, Qian J, and Hawdon JM. 2015. Two potential hookworm DAF-16 target genes, SNR-3 and LPP-1: gene structure, expression profile, and implications of a cis -regulatory element in the regulation of gene expression. Parasites & Vectors  8:14


2014 Publications

Hawdon, J.M. 2014. Controlling soil-transmitted helminths: time to think inside the box? Journal of Parasitology 100: 166-188.

Tang YT, Gao X, Rosa BA, Abubucker S, Hallsworth-Pepin K, Martin J, Tyagi R, Heizer E, Zhang X, Bhonagiri-Palsikar V, Minx P, Warren WC, Wang Q, Zhan B, Hotez PJ, Sternberg PW, Dougall A, Gaze ST, Mulvenna J, Sotillo J, Ranganathan S, Rabelo EM, Wilson RK, Felgner PL, Bethony J, Hawdon JM, Gasser RB, Loukas A, Mitreva M. 2014. Genome of the human hookworm Necator americanus. Nature Genetics 46:261-269. PMC3978129

Correia da Costa JM, Vale N, Gouveia MJ, Botelho M, Sripa B, Santos LL, Santos J, Rinaldi G, Brindley PJ (2014) Schistosome and liver fluke derived catechol-estrogens and helminth associated cancers. Frontiers in Genetics 5:444.

Martin M, Rosa BA, Ozersky P, Wang Q, Hallsworth-Pepin K, Zhang X, Bhonagiri-Palsikar V, Tyagi R, Choi Y-J, Gao X, McNulty S, Brindley PJ, Mitreva M. (2014) expansions to and an introduction to Nucleic Acids Research   doi: 10.1093/nar/gku1128

Dell’oca N, Basika T, Corvo I, Castillo E, Brindley PJ, Rinaldi G, Tort JF. (2014) RNAi optimization in Fasciola hepatica newly excysted juveniles: long dsRNA induces more persistent silencing than siRNA. Molecular & Biochemical Parasitology 197, 28-35

Rinaldi G, Honeycutt J, Young ND, Gasser RB, Brindley PJ, Hsieh MH. (2014) New research tools for urogenital schistosomiasis. Journal of Infectious Diseases, in press.

Hoffmann KF, Brindley PJ, Berriman M. (2014) Halting harmful helminths. Science, 346, 168-169.

Plieskatt JL, Rinaldi G, Feng Y, Peng J, Yonglitthipagon P, Easley S, Laha T, Pairojkul C, Bhudhisawasdi V, Sripa B, Brindley PJ, Mulvenna JP, Bethony JM. (2014) Distinct miRNA signatures associate with subtypes of cholangiocarcinoma from infection with the tumorigenic liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini. Journal of Hepatology 61, 850-858.

Mann VH, Suttiprapa S, Skinner DE, Brindley PJ, Rinaldi G. (2014) Pseudotyped murine leukemia virus for schistosome transgenesis: approaches, methods and perspectives Transgenic Research 23, 539-556.

Zeraik AE, Galkin VE, Rinaldi G, Garratt RC, Smout MJ, Loukas A, Mann VH, Araujo AP, De Marco R, Brindley PJ (2014) Reversible paralysis of Schistosoma mansoni by forchlorfenuron, a phenylurea cytokinin that affects septins. International Journal for Parasitology 44, 523-531.


2013 Publications

Plieskatt JL, Deenonpoe R, Mulvenna JP, Krause L, Sripa B, Bethony JM, Brindley PJ  (2013) Infection with carcinogenic liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini modifies intestinal and biliary microbiome. The FASEB Journal 27, 4572-4584.

Botelho MC, Vale N, Gouveia MJ, Rinaldi G, Santos J, Santos LL, Gomes P, Brindley PJ, Costa JM (2013) Tumour-like phenotypes in urothelial cells after exposure to antigens from eggs of Schistosoma haematobium: An oestrogen–DNA adducts mediated pathway? International Journal for Parasitology 43, 17-26.

Saichua P, Sithithaworn P, Jariwala AR, Deimert DJ, Sithithaworn J, Sripa B, Laha T, Mairiang E, Pairojkul C, Periago MV, Khuntikeo N, Mulvenna J, Bethony JM (2013) Microproteinuria during Opisthorchis viverrini infection: a biomarker for advanced renal and hepatobiliary pathologies from chronic opisthorchiasis. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 7(5): e2228.


2012 Publications

Zhi X, Zhou XE, Melcher K, Motola DL, Gelmedin V, Hawdon J, Kliewer SA, Mangelsdorf DJ, Xu HE. 2012. Structural Conservation of Ligand Binding Reveals a Bile Acid-like Signaling Pathway in Nematodes. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287(7):4894-4903. PMCID: PMC3281614

Rinaldi G, Eckert SE, Tsai IJ, Suttiprapa S, Kines KJ, Tort JF, Mann VH, Turner DJ, Berriman M, Brindley PJ (2012) Germline transgenesis and insertional mutagenesis in Schistosoma mansoni mediated by Murine Leukemia Virus. PLoS Pathogens 8(7): e1002820.

Sripa B, Brindley PJ, Mulvenna J, Laha T, Smout MJ, Mairiang E, Bethony JM, Loukas A. (2012) The tumorigenic liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini – multiple pathways to cancer. Trends in Parasitology 28, 395-407.


2011 Publications

Krepp, J., Gelmedin, V., and HAWDON, J.M. 2011. Characterization of hookworm heat shock factor binding protein (HSB-1) during heat shock and larval activation. International Journal for Parasitology 41: 533-543. PMCID: 3062737.

Dryanovski,  D.I., Dowling, C., Gelmedin, V. and HAWDON, J.M. 2011. RNA and protein synthesis is required for Ancylostoma caninum larval activation. Veterinary Parasitology 179: 137-143. PMCID: 3105239.

Gelmedin V, Brodigan T, Gao X, Krause M, Wang Z, and HAWDON, J.M.. 2011 Transgenic C. elegans Dauer Larvae Expressing Hookworm Phospho Null DAF-16/FoxO Exit Dauer. PLoS ONE 6(10): e25996. PMCID: 3189237