Lab Members

Sally Moody

Sally Moody, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Anatomy & Regenerative Biology

Dr. Moody received her bachelor’s degree from Goucher College. She conducted her MS research in neuroscience under the tutelage of Richard Meszler, PhD, at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, which launched her career path exploring the nervous system. She earned her PhD in neuroscience from the University of Florida and served a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Utah until 1983. She then went to the University of Virginia and served on the faculty of the Anatomy and Cell Biology Department, the Department of Neuroscience, and the Developmental Biology program. In 1994, Dr. Moody joined GW as a full professor in the Department of Anatomy and Regenerative Biology.

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Karen Neilson

Karen Neilson, PhD
Research Scientist


Zahra Motahari

Zahra Motahari
Postdoctoral Scientist


Anikita Shah headshot

Ankita Shah
Postdoctoral Scientist


Himani Datta Majumdar

Himani Datta Majumdar, MA
Research Associate


Tanya Mehdizadeh

Tanya Mehdizadeh
Undergraduate Research Assistant


Steven Klein

Steven Klein, PhD
Adjunct Professor


Aparna Baxi

Aparna Baxi
Graduate Assistant


Past Lab Members

  • Dr. Tammy Awtry, Science Educator
  • Dr. Daniel Bauer, Internal Medicine, Private practice
  • Dr. Samantha Brugmann, Associate Professor, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Zoya Demidenko, Assistant Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  • Dr. Kathleen E. Dennis, Research Scientist, Vanderbuilt University
  • Dr. Betty C. Gallagher, Research Scientist, University of Virginia (Deceased)
  • Dr. Stephen Gee, Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
  • Dr. Paaqua Grant, Project Manager, Evoke Research and Consulting
  • Dr. Alexandra Hainski-Brousseau, Lecturer, DePaul University, UCLA
  • Dr. Sen Huang, Director, Huang Clinic, Washington, DC (Retired)
  • Dr. Kristy L. Kenyon, Associate Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  • Dr. Kathryn B. Moore, Research Associate Professor, University of Utah
  • Dr. Petra D. Pandur, Group Leader, University Ulm, Germany
  • Dr. Steven A. Sullivan, Senior Research Scientist, New York University
  • Dr. Bo Yan, Director, Translational Medical Research, Nanjing Medical College
  • Dr. Norann Zaghloul, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland