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  Schistosoma Vaccine to Enter Phase Ib Clinical Trial

 A team of researchers at the George Washington University have received funding from the National Institutes of Health for a Phase Ib clinical trial for a Schistosomiasis vaccine in an endemic area of Brazil. 

GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences, January 18, 2018



Trying To Get The World Unhooked From Hookworm

This week, Goats and Soda learned of a pretty icky research experiment taking place in our nation's capital. People are becoming infected with hookworm in the name of science, as researchers seek to develop a vaccine.

National Public Radio, July 21, 2015

GW seeks volunteers to let parasitic worms burrow into their skin. Any takers?

Researchers at George Washington University hope to develop a vaccine to prevent an infection that is afflicting more than half a billion people around the world.

The Washington Post, July 20, 2015


Hookworm Vaccine Trials Begin at GW 

In a pioneering study, infecting healthy adults is the next step toward eradicating the infection.

GW Today, July 6, 2015