Student Resources


To help protect privacy, each student with GW is issued a personalized student ID number (GWid).  You will need this number to order transcripts, apply for graduation, and for other administrative requests with the university.


GWeb is an online portal that allows students to manage their personal information, view grades, and request transcripts. To login to the GWeb portal please visit and select “gweb info system” from the left hand column.

The User ID is a student’s GWid, and the PIN will default to the student’s birthday in the mm/dd/yy format. For assistance with PIN resets, Information Technology can be contacted through the "Forgot PIN" link at the login screen.

Students can access GWeb 4-6 weeks after completion of Phase I.


Grades are posted to a student’s GW record after completion of Phase 1 and after completion of Phase 2. Grades usually take an average of 4-6 weeks from the end of each phase to be processed and appear on a student’s GW transcript. For example, if you complete your Phase1 at the end of March, your grades will be posted anywhere between late April to mid-May.

Certificate of Completion

As part of the MLT program, each student will earn an Undergraduate Certificate in HSLT. In order to have this certificate awarded, a student must complete a Certificate Completion Application, and return the form to

Requesting Transcripts

Transcripts can be requested electronically by logging into the GWeb information system. Once inside GWeb please select the "Student Records and Registration Menu" tab. From here you will select "Student Records Information Menu" -> "Transcripts" -> "Request Official Transcripts".

Continuing Education Options

Alumni of the MLT certificate program are eligible to continue their education in a variety of online learning programs through the School of Medicine And Health Sciences.