All applicants must complete the GW Online Application. 

Submit an application via the GW Online Application.

  • Spring Entry: November 15
  • Summer Entry: March 15
  • Fall Entry: July 15 

Application Fee

There is no application fee for active-duty servicemen and servicewomen. Please select “waive” option when asked for the online payment.

BSHS in Clinical Health Sciences Admission Requirements

1. Students must be active-duty Army 18Ds, Navy IDCs, or Air Force IDMTs to be eligible for consideration. Students must have at least a year left on their contract in order to complete the preceptored clinical rotations. Applicants must submit (a) Copy of current Enlistment Contract AND (b) Statement of Service from the Personnel Section (e.g. S-1 Army, N-1 Navy) stating employment and end date of their enlistment contract. Please email to me. See example of required documentation.

1b. Resume - Active duty military have the option to upload an uofficial JST or CCAF instead of their resume. 

2. Proof of current certification (e.g. Page 13 for Navy IDC, ATP Card for Army 18Ds, Certificate of Completion Diploma for Airforce IDMTs, etc.) Please email to me. See example of proof of current certification.

3. Official Transcripts

Please submit official military transcripts (e.g. JST, CCAF). Please indicate Joint Services transcript or CCAF in the Enrollment History area of the application.

Please submit an official transcript from every college and university you attended, whether or not a degree was earned. Please request electronic delivery of an Official digital version to

Or if they only mail them:

The George Washington University
Health Sciences Programs
2600 Virginia Avenue NW
Suite 104
Washington, DC 20037

4. Recommendation

One letter of recommendation are required and must be submitted through the GW Online Application. Recommendations are weighed heavily in the consideration for admission. Letters of recommendation should be from:

  • Academic instructors who can strongly attest to your academic ability, and/or
  • Individuals who served in a supervisory capacity for you, and who can strongly attest to your work ethic

Recommendations are not acceptable from family members and friends.

5. Statement of Purpose

Please include a 250-500 word essay describing your reasons for undertaking study at The George Washington University, and your academic objectives, career goals, and related qualifications, including collegiate, professional, and community activities, relevant to your program of interest. Include any substantial accomplishments not already mentioned on the application form. 

Eligibility for Active-Duty Military Discounted Tuition Rate

A discounted tuition rate is available for active-duty service members in our distance education Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) programs. Please see the Tuition & Financial Aid page for more information on program rates. In order to receive this rate, your program must receive the following documents during the admission process. If your status changes during your program, please contact your GW program advisor.

For students on active-duty, we need:

(a) Copy of current Enlistment Contract AND
(b) Statement from the Personnel Section (e.g. S-1 Army, N-1 Navy) providing statement of employment and end date of the enlistment contract. (See example of documentation.)

For active-duty personnel who will retire or separate before they complete their program, the discounted rate is granted during the enrollment period that aligns with the contract. Students will be returned to the standard DE rate once they retire or separate.

For Reserve and National Guard who have been activated, we need: 

(a) Orders for Mobilization OR
(b) Orders for Active Duty for Training (Annual Training not included)

For Reserve and National Guard, the discounted rate is granted during the enrollment period that aligns with the orders. Students will be returned to the standard DE rate once the orders expire.

Note: Orders must align with the enrollment period to be eligible. For example, orders for active status for a few days of the semester would not be eligible for the discounted rate during that semester. Please contact the program office if you have questions.

Transferring Credits

For more information about transferring in credits as an incoming student, please refer to the Curriculum page.