The Associate of Science (AS) in Health Sciences Laboratory Science for MLTs is a 75 credit hour degree program. Students use the 60 credits awarded for completion of the MLT undergraduate certificate and complete 15 credits of general education courses to complete the degree requirements. The general education requirements may be completed by taking coursework at a regionally accredited institution.

General Education Requirements (15 credit hours)

  • English Composition (3 credits)
  • College Algebra, Statistics, or higher (3 credits)
  • Humanities (3 credits)
  • Social Sciences (3 credits)
  • General Biology or General Chemistry (3 credits)

If you are missing any of the above coursework, GW also offers online coursework that can satisfy the above requirements. Our classes are offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters and are available in a 100% online format.

English Composition (3 credit hours)

  • HSCI 2100: Composition and Writing in the Health Sciences

Statistics (3 credit hours each; select one)

  • HSCI 2117: Introduction to Statistics for Health Sciences

Humanities (3 credit hours each; select one)

  • HSCI 2105: Current Issues in Bioethics
  • HSCI 2107: Health Care in Literature

Social Sciences (3 credit hours each; select one)

  • HSCI 2103: Health Policy and the Health Care System
  • HSCI 2101: Psychosocial Aspects of Health and Illness

Biology or Chemistry (3 credit hours each; select one)

  • MLS 2000: Biology for the Health Sciences
  • MLS 2001: Chemistry for the Health Sciences

Transferring Credits

For more information about transferring in credits as an incoming student, please refer to the Transfer Credit Policy page.