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Kudos - May 2015

May 2015 - Volume 19, Issue 5

Kudos… to Drs. Katalin Roth and Fatima Khan, PGY4, Geriatrics, on receiving a letter of praise from a patient, “I am in the right place with the right doctors... I feel comfortable and confident. Thank you for your prompt care and guidance.

Kudos… to Dr. Michael Stempel, Podiatry, from a very thankful patient who wrote, “thank you for the extraordinary care you gave my wife…. She had many challenges but you stuck with her and comforted her throughout it all.

Kudos… to Dr. Tahira Lodhi, Geriatrics, on the wonderful praise she received from her PCL group of students, “Thank you for leading our group with great passion and warmth, we have all learned so much from you.

Kudos… to Jane Wu, PA, General Internal Medicine, a patient writes, “She was fantastic. I was having breathing problems and she took the time and used her knowledge to resolve the issue in acute care.

Kudos… to Dr. Seema Kakar, General Internal Medicine, “She made sure I got to see a first rate dermatologist via Urgent Care, I hope you realize how wonderful it was to be treated by Dr. Kakar at Urgent Care.