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GW Rheumatology Research

GW Rheumatolgy team studying results on screen

The George Washington University Division of Rheumatology:

  • Is collaborative and patient-focused, both in patient care and research
    • GW Rheumatology is home to the world-renowned multidisciplinary Myositis Clinic, which is funded by the CureJM foundation. This clinic is the only dedicated pediatric myositis clinic on the East Coast.
    • GW Rheumatology faculty collaborates with vascular surgery, immunology, nephrology, radiology, dermatology and hematology to deliver patient-centered rheumatologic care.
    • GW Rheumatology nurse and physician scientists collaborate with world renowned scientists to bring the promise of genomic and translational medicine to the bedside and to conduct ground-breaking research in rheumatic diseases.
      Visit the Shanmugam Lab website for more information.
  • Is focused on advancing the field of rheumatology
    • GW Rheumatology scientists conduct NIH funded research investigating the interplay of the immune system with the environment.
    • The WE-HEAL Study investigates the role of the immune system in wound healing and the impact of pain medications on immune function in wound healing.
    • The GW MFA Myositis Clinic undertakes dedicated translational research focused on improving outcomes for patients with juvenile myositis.  
    • Our researchers collaborate with industry to conduct novel clinical trials in autoimmune diseases including the Abatacept in Dermatomyositis (AID) trial.
    • Our team believes that training the rheumatologists of the future is an essential part of our role and we are committed to recruiting the best clinicians to our team.


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