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2019 Division Highlights

Notable Accomplishments of 2019

  • The Division of Kidney Diseases and Hypertension was recognized by the US News and World Report as “High performing”, a distinction held by the top ten percent of nephrology divisions in the country.
  • The fellows and faculty won the “NephMadness”, an international competition that test their perception and knowledge in nephrology and hypertension.
  • The division will host the inaugural Global Innovations in Patient-Centered Kidney Care Summit in partnership with the American Association of Kidney Patients.
  • The division will participate in the APOL1 long-term kidney transplantation outcome network (APOLLO) study.
  • The division is expanding clinical operations to Virginia.


The division welcomed two new faculty members. Rohan Paul, MD joined the section of transplant medicine. He did his general nephrology at the University of Pittsburg and a transplant nephrology fellowship at UCSF. Renu Regunathan-Shenk, MD joined the division after completing her general nephrology and glomerular diseases fellowship at Columbia University. She established the Onconephrology service and is actively involved in several research projects.

Carlos Palant, MD retired from the VAMC. Samir Patel, MD assumed responsibility as the chief of nephrology at the VAMC. He has initiated and completed several educational initiatives and research protocols in a short span of time.

The distinguished faculty members from the division have been recognized for their research, clinical expertise and health care policy experience in national and international platforms. They participated in grant review for Pathobiology of Kidney Study section, Kidney Nutrition, Obesity and Diabetes study section, Project Kidney X, special NIH study sections and Poland National Science Center, 2018. They were invited to present and chair in national and international venues.

  • Presentations at international venues: 9
  • Presentations at national conferences: 13
  • Medicine and medicine/nephrology Grand Rounds: 10
  • National symposiums organized/chaired: 2
  • Visiting professorships: 6

Dr. Regunathan serves as the Scientific Committee co-chair for the Global Innovations in Patient-Centered Kidney Care Summit.

Nancy Uhland, NP serves on the D.C. Board of Nursing, is the current President of the Nurse Practitioner Association of D.C. and a member on the American Association of Kidney Patient Meeting Planning Committee. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing with a thesis on “The Impact of a Standardized Education Class on a Person Diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, Stage IV.”

Dr. Lew serves in the Data Safety Monitoring Board of the NIH Kidney Precision Medicine Project, participated in the nephrologist roundtable on home dialysis organized by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation and serves in the American Society of Nephrology: Quality Committee.

Pedro Jose, MD, PhD, was named the Most Outstanding Professional of Dingras and received the Pamana ng Pilipino (Republic of the Philippines Award) and Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. He also served in the American Heart Association Committee for Scientific Sessions Programming.

Dr. Raj is the 2019 American Society of Nephrology Annual Meeting abstract committee chair. He also serves as the organizing committee co-chair for the Global Innovations in Patient-Centered Kidney Care Summit. He was recognized and featured as an “Innovator in Nephrology” by the American Association of Kidney Patient.


The division offers “total kidney care” that spans from kidney protection to management of chronic kidney disease, renal replacement therapies and kidney transplantation. The wide spectrum of expertise and the reputation of the clinicians has led to rapid expansion of our services. The division offers special nephrology clinics including transplant medicine clinic, kidney protection clinic, CKD education clinic, glomerular diseases clinic and hypertension. Dr. Regunathan-Shenk established the onconephrology service in collaboration with hematology and oncology. Dr. Centron initiated the first kidney wellness clinic, a group clinic in the MFA that encourages patients to assume healthy lifestyle.

Our physicians provide coverage for eighteen outpatient dialysis units and four hospitals across Washington DC and Maryland. We serve as medical directors for two chronic dialysis units and a center for home dialysis.

The division has expanded its presence into Virginia, partnering with Somatus. Dr. Nobakht is the medical director for the Fairfax dialysis unit. We have executed a new agreement to serve as the medical director for a unit at Hyattsville with Fresenius Medical Care, which is expected to open by June 2019. The outreach service in Greenbelt, Maryland continues to thrive with the total dedication of Dr. Collins and Dr. Nobakht and Nancy Uhland.

The peritoneal dialysis program led by Dr. Lew is the largest one in the DC/Maryland/Virginia region.

In the inpatient setting, we provide consult service for a spectrum of disorders ranging from acute kidney injury, resistant hypertension, immunological diseases, acid base disorders and complex electrolyte disturbances. We offer a wide range of extracorporeal therapies besides conventional hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, including continuous renal replacement therapies, ultrafiltration, plasmapheresis, leukapheresis and exchange transfusion. As the director of clinical services, Dr. Susie Lew continues to coordinate the clinical services for the division. Dr. Sharma has done an outstanding job. He effectively coordinates and directs the continuous renal replacement therapies that serves the critically ill patients in medical, cardiothoracic and surgical intensive care units. Ellen McCormick, NP joined the division to help provide quality care to the growing inpatient service.

Dr. Lew is pursuing her passion in telemedicine with providing care to patients from Unity Clinic for hypertension and CKD remotely.

The transplant program has shown a steady increase in volume under the leadership of Dr. Jagadeesan and Dr. Paul. With help from Dr. Paul and support from the Department of Medicine and GW hospital, we have established a transplant medicine inpatient service.

The staff members Ms. Kaiser and Ms. Babb are integral part of the growth and success of the division in every effort.


We currently have five fellows and will expand to six fellows in 2019, with the addition of an international fellow. We hope to start a transplant nephrology fellowship in 2020. Dr. Patel is establishing curriculum for point of care ultrasound training for our fellows. Fellowship training occurs at GWU, VAMC and Inova Fairfax. The patient population and clinical problems in these institutions are very different and thus provide an intense, yet broad training that prepares the fellows for the real-world practice. Dr. Cohen has revamped the curriculum, and fellows receive world-class training in the GW nephrology fellowship program.

The faculty members of the VAMC and Inova Fairfax have contribute significantly to the fellowship training. Our nephrology fellowship offers a unique opportunity to be trained in kidney ultrasound, kidney biopsy and temporary vascular access placement. For interested fellows, there is opportunity to be involved in laboratory-based or clinical-translational research.

The division excels in educating the medical student, residents and fellows. Besides the regular case-based renal grand rounds, we offer regular thematic lectures delivered by faculty members and well-organized journal clubs. Fellows receive board preparation using NephSap-based questions and their knowledge tested by “knowledge bowl”. Dr. Cohen has been highly innovative in his teaching methods. The division hosts eminent researchers and clinicians as visiting professors to enable faculty development and also for broadening their knowledge base.


The faculty members published 44 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals and 27 abstracts in national meetings.

The Laboratory for Hypertension Research under the direction of Dr. Pedro A. Jose continues to be productive and supported by several grants that are examining the gut-kidney connection in hypertension and pharmacogenomics of hypertension. He has been invited across the world as a visiting professor. He exemplifies preeminence in hypertension research. Dr. Selim Rozyyev is a postdoctoral research fellow from Russia.

Dr. Dominic Raj’s research group is involved in projects ranging from clinical to basic science and clinical translational. We completed the following NIH funded studies: (a) Safety and Cardiovascular Efficacy of Spironolactone in Dialysis Dependent ESRD Trial (Spin-D), (b) The CKD Optimal Management With Binders and NicotinamidE (COMBINE) Study, (c) Bicarbonate Administration to Stabilize Estimated glomerular filtration rate (BASE) study, (d) Targeting microbiome in ESRD (TarGut ESRD) study and (e) Targeting microbiome in CKD (TarGut CKD) Study. Ongoing NIH funded studies include The Anti-Cytokine Therapy for Hemodialysis Inflammation (ACTION) and Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring and Related Outcomes in Hemodialysis (CAMARO HD).

Dr. Ali Ramezani received the Young Investigator Award from the National Kidney Foundation to explore a microbiome-based treatment for atherosclerosis.

The research coordinators, Sarah C. Andrews, BS, and Badryah A. Omar, MS, have been commended by the NIH for recruitment and flawless execution of the studies. Sarah will join the University of Buffalo School of Medicine this fall.

  1. Urine single cell transcriptomics to characterize podocyte disease. GW Office of Research and NIH Intramural. PI Regunathan
  2. Uremic Toxin Depletion by Methanogenic Archaea. Young Investigator Award from NKF. PI Ali Ramezani 
  3. Renal G Protein-Coupled Receptor 37L1 Regulates Blood Pressure. NIH R56DK116828, PI: Prasad Konkalmatt
  4. A peripheral dopamine hydroxylase inhibitor and treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. PI, BIAL, Inc, Porto, Portugal, 2019-202; PI: Pedro A. Jose 
  5. G-protein coupled receptor kinase 4 inhibitor, National International Cooperation Base for Cardiovascular Diseases” Collaborator, PI, Chunyu Zeng, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China, 2017-2019, Collaborator: Pedro A. Jose
  6. Renal Dopamine-1 Receptor Defect in Hypertension, 5R01 DK039308, 1991-2020, PI: Pedro A. Jose  
  7. Animal Models of Salt Sensitivity: Roles of GRK4 and Sodium Transporters on Salt Sensitivity, 5P01 HL074940, 2004-2021, PI Pedro A. Jose, Director, Project 3,    
  8. Calcium transport in kidney proximal tubule and calcium phosphate stone formation, 1R01 DK102043, 2015-2020, Consultant- Pedro A. Jose  
  9. Anti-inflammatory therapy in diabetic CKD. NIH U01DK099914. PI Dominic Raj
  10. Gut microbiota and atherosclerosis in ESRD. NIH U01DK099924. PI Dominic Raj
  11. SPRINT-Electronic Health Record (SPRINT-EHR). NIH R011HL136679-01A1- Site-PI: Dominic Raj Site PI
  12. Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring and Related Outcomes in Hemodialysis (CAMARO HD). R01HL132372. Site-PI Dominic Raj
  13. The effects of Patiromer on serum potassium level and gut microbiome of ESRD patients with hyperkalemia. Investigator Initiated Study funded by Relypsa. PI Dominic Raj
  14. IL-6 pathway genes associated renal, cardiovascular and hematological phenotypes in CKD: Findings from the CRIC study. I Investigator Initiated Study, funded by Carvedia. PI Dominic Raj
  15. Profiling microbiome in CKD. Investigator Initiated Study funded by Kaleido. PI Dominic Raj
  16. An observational study to investigate the immunopathophysiology of diabetic kidney disease. Co-developed and funded by Medimmune. PI Dominic Raj 
  17. MicroRNA and progression of atherosclerosis. GW Office of Research. PI Dominic Raj
  18. APOL1 Long-term Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Network (APOLLO) (APOLLO). NIH PI. Jagadeesan/Raj
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Future Direction of the Division

The division is committed to expanding the clinical service through innovative partnership with community and other institutions in the region and beyond. We will continue to look for opportunities to bring in new and novel therapies to our patients. We look forward to further improve the educational efforts and adding new training opportunities to our fellows through establishment of a transplant nephrology fellowship and point of care ultrasound training. The division has an impressive research portfolio, but the goal will be to get the junior faculty members to submit training grants to NIH and also hire established researchers to expand the scope of research and train future generation of researchers.