Moonlighter Schedule

  • All housestaff need to Clock in and Clock out with your biometrics. Otherwise your timely payment will be affected. Chief residents and Attending physicians do not need to clock in/out.
  • The keys to the moonlighter room (4S Hallway, 4-1180) are available by contacting Deborah Corvalan at
  • Your MUST do the following at the beginning of your shift:
    • When you are printing your lists, please sign out the patients under your name. Thus your name should be the primary contact on every patient on orange, rehab and the bariatric service (Sugery, Team 5). This should be a temporary sign out! You should only sign yourself up until 6 am the following morning. Please follow these instructions if you have not done this before.
    • Then sign yourself into the role of the moonlighter on Tiger Text. Please follow these instructions (for iOS, for Android) if you have not done this before. This is the only way staff will be able to get in touch with you outside of CORES.

Handoff in the Evening

  • Orange team and rehabs signouts are from Cerner/CORES
  • Bariatric service signout will be given to you by one of the surgical PAs (and is under CORES > Surgery > Team 5)

Mailing List for Morning Sign-Out


The following physicians need to complete the moonlighter timesheet. Timesheet needs to be completed and mailed/faxed to Jocelyn Hutchinson 202-741-2228Timesheet Information

  • Attending physicians
  • Physicians moonlighting in more than one departments ie, CCU, CT surgery, etc

Please use your GW account to send Signouts. Do Not use your personal email a/c such as yahoo, gmail, etc.

Please refer to the Moonlighter Handbook for more details.