Underserved Medicine & Public Health Concentration

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Add a little UMPH to your residency!

UMPH provides an amazing supportive space to continue discussing important issues I care about - public health, issues affecting the underserved, and social justice! – Dr. Tina Chee,Class of 2017

In the chaos of residency, it's important to come back to a place where we can reflect and pay tribute to what's important---Taking care of patients that need us the most. No better reality check. When passionate like minds share ideas, "dry" ideas become engaging and fun discussions! UMPH has been one of the best experiences I've had in residency--one that carries some of my favorite memories! – Dr. Aneesha Hossain, Class of 2017

The Underserved Medicine & Public Health (UMPH) Concentration is designed for residents interested in careers in public health and serving the underserved. 

This two-year longitudinal program includes:

  1. caring for patients at a local community health center (second continuity clinic with community preceptor),

  2. participating in evening seminars on public health topics,

  3. designing and performing a public health practicum project on a topic of interest to you. 

Apply just after match day - any newly matched categorical or primary care interns may apply!  UMPH scholars participate in the program as a supplement to their residency training throughout PGY2 and PGY3 years. Up to 6 residents are chosen from each class.

Current/Recent UMPH community clinic sites:

  • Whitman Walker Health

    • Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC); patient community includes LGBT, HIV positive, and general primary care patients

  • Bread for the City

    • FQHC; clinic within a non-profit organization that offers legal and other social support services for patients in need; also hosts one of DC's three needle exchange programs

  • Unity Health, Inc – Homeless Health Services; Upper Cardozo Health Center; Minnesota Avenue Health Center

    • Largest FQHC in the DC area

    • Healthcare to the homeless provided in shelter clinics, in a respite home, on a mobile van, and in walking outreach

    • Upper Cardozo - patient community includes largely Spanish-speaking Latino community

    • Minnesota Avenue - patient community includes those living in Ward 7, one of the poorest neighborhoods in DC

  • Neighborhood Health Services, Inc

    • Patient population includes predominantly Spanish-speaking Latino community, many uninsured or underinsured (location in Virginia, which did not expand Medicaid under the ACA)

The UMPH Concentration was founded in January 2014.
UMPH is directed by Dr. Jillian Catalanotti (Residency Program Director).
The UMPH program was made possible by a grant from the Geiger Gibson Program in Community Health Policy.

Current UMPH Scholars:

Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022

Matthew Cichocki 
(Categorical Track,
Whitman Walker Health)

Alberto Batarseh
(Categorical Track,
Bread for the City)

Omowunmi Adedeji 
(Primary Care Track, Bread for the City)

Pedro Covas
(Categorical Track,
Neighborhood Health)

Kendall Brown
(Categorical Track,
Holy Cross Hospital Health Care)

Leonel Atencio
(Categorical Track, Bread for the City)

Puya Jafari
(Primary Care Track,
Unity Health Care)

Lily Dastmalchi
(Categorical Track,
University of Maryland- Institute of Virology)

Niraj Gowda
(Categorical Track, Unity HealthCare)

Praneet Kalkat
(Categorical Track, Bread for the City)

Victoria Garland 
(Categorical Track, Bread for the City)

Martin Maldonado-Puebla
(Categorical Track, Neighborhood Health Care)

Paul Pickmans
(Categorical Track, Neighborhood Health)

Paula Mohyi
(Categorical Track, Unity Health Care )

Daniel Ludi
(Categorical Track, Holy Cross Hospital Health Center)

Mohammed Shirazi
(Categorical Track, Bread for the City)

Amanda Moyer
(Categorical Track, Bread for the City)

Carly Rabin
(Categorical Track, Unity Health Care)




Tatiana Rugeles Suarez 
(Categorical Track, Neighborhood Health Care)

We are very proud of our UMPH Alumni as they go forth as a force for positive change!

UMPH Alumni

Class of 2014

  • Cristina Amado (GW Infectious Diseases fellow, now Infectious Diseases physician in Florida)
  • Chad Henson (GW Faculty, Division of General Internal Medicine)
  • Andrew Myers (Hospital physician in Sierra Leone)
  • Laura Perry (Beth Israel Deaconess Med Center Geriatrics fellow)

Class of 2015

  • Julianne Camba (Hospitalist at Kaiser in DC)
  • John Duronville (Duke Nephrology fellow)
  • Ashley Styczynski (CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service fellow)
  • Kristen Whitaker (U of Chicago Heme/Onc fellow)

Class of 2016

  • Paul Blair (Johns Hopkins University Infectious Diseases Fellow)

  • Kelli Copeland (GW VA Chief Resident)

  • Saria Izzeldin (Primary Care Physician at Kaiser Permanente in Maryland)

  • Ashley Noisette (University of Maryland Rheumatology Fellow)

Class of 2017

  • Tina Chee (Primary Care physician with an FQHC in Bronx, NY)

  • Aneesha Hossain (Hematology/Oncology fellow at University of Maryland)

  • Adrienne Poon (Hospital Medicine physician at GWU and performing research on the primary care system in China)

  • Sheldon Steiner (Hospital Medicine physician with Kaiser Permanente in Virginia)

Class of 2018

  • Talia Bernal (Medical Instructor at Duke University School of Medicine)

  • Vincent De Chavez (Infectious Diseases Fellow at Mount Sinai)

  • Ivan Pena (Cardiology Fellow at Hofstra Northwell)

Class of 2019

  • Sarah Alsamarai (Infectious Diseases Fellow at Icahn School of Medicine)

  • Barrett Holen (Hospitalist at North Memorial Hospital in Minneapolis)

  • Meredith Trubitt (Hospitatlist at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Georgia)