MSHS in Immunohematology

Student looking at test tubes

The MSHS in Immunohematology is no longer accepting civilian students. If you are with the military program at Walter Reed, please see our curriculum page for the military contract program


The primary goal of the MSHS in Immunohematology is to provide Blood Banking Specialists with an advanced degree. Our mission is to:

  • Provide graduate courses in immunohematology through distance learning
  • Facilitate the development of research skills
  • Foster research in the area of immunohematology


This degree program incorporates aspects of transfusion medicine at the graduate level with research methods, current topics in transfusion medicine, immunology, and molecular biology, as well as research in an area of immunohematology that culminates in a research project. Students pursuing the degree are required to complete 22 credit hours of online and research coursework.

Course Offerings

Required Coursework

  • MLS 6140 Advanced Clinical Laboratory Management (3)
  • MLS 6141 Immunology and Serology (3)
  • MLS 6151 Advanced Molecular Diagnostics
  • MLS 6203 Clinical Immunohematology I (5)
  • MLS 6204 Clinical Immunohematology II (5)
  • MLS 6207 Clinical Practicum: Blood Bank I (5)
  • MLS 6208 Clinical Practicum: Blood Bank II (5)
  • MLS 6209 Clinical Practicum: Blood Banking (5)
  • MLS 6211 Hematopoiesis & Blood Pathophysiology (2)
  • MLS 6212 Organization & Management of Blood Banks (3)
  • MLS 6213 Seminar in Immunohematology (2)
  • MLS 6214 Specialized Practicum (4)
  • MLS 6245 Current Topics in MLS (3)
  • MLS 6246 Capstone Project (3)
  • HSCI 6263 Biostatistics (3)
  • HSCI 6297 Independent Study in Health Sciences (1)