Lyterati Annual Reports & Conflict of Interest

Lyterati Annual Reports & Conflict of Interest

Lyterati Annual Reporting

In the spring semester each year, full-time faculty are required to complete the Annual Report form, covering their professional activities and accomplishments during that academic year, and the Financial Interest Disclosure form. This annual reporting provides an opportunity for faculty members to update the information in their personnel files on degrees, publications, committee assignments, and other research and public service activities.

The completed Annual Report forms, together with the chair’s Evaluative Comments form that accompanies each report, are forwarded to the dean by the department chair. This process also provides an excellent opportunity for the chair and/or dean to discuss with individual faculty members their continuing professional development. The dean completes the Annual Report form by adding comments and recommendations.

Faculty have the opportunity to review and to respond in writing to comments that chairs and/or deans have appended to their annual reports. The annual reports are forwarded to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, where they become a part of the faculty member’s personnel file.

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Conflict of Interest

Each spring, full-time faculty are also required to complete the Conflict of Interest.  The Conflict of Interest is a compliance issue that relates to situations, activities and transactions that could potentially violate federal, state, or District laws and regulations, or violate GW’s policies and procedures.  The Conflct of Interest are to be completed with your Annual Report.  These Conflict of Interest are sent directly to the University’s Compliance and Privacy Office.  If you have any issues with completing the Conflict of Interest, please call the Compliance Office at (202) 994-3386 for assistance.