microscopic imageNew Antibody Treatment for HIV Passes First Hurdle

An experimental treatment providing a new approach in the fight against HIV has cleared the first hurdle.

VoA News, Dec 2015


HIV rendering

A New HIV Treatment? Antibody Infusion Supresses The Virus In Real-Life Patients

A pilot study finds that the antibody VRC01 may have potential in reducing the viral load of people living with HIV. It’s no cure, but it might someday lend much needed support in our war against HIV.

Medical Daily, Dec 2015


antibody renderingImmune responses may inhibit antibody-based treatments for HIV

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina recently conducted studies to determine whether immune responses inhibit the results of broadly neutralizing antibody treatments that may help people with HIV infections.

Vaccine News, Dec 2015


HIV antibody renderingHIV antibody curbs virus in trial

A new medicine to control HIV infection may soon become available, if promising results from a Phase 1 clinical trial are confirmed.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, Dec 2015


HIV renderingNew HIV Treatment Shows Promise in Early Research

Preliminary new research raises the prospect that a recently discovered antibody - an important component of the immune system - could be enlisted to boost the body's response to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Health Day, Dec 2015