Concurrent Imaging and Treatment of Epithelial Cancers using Optical Coherence Tomography and Cold Plasmas: Imaging and Treatment of Excised Oral Cavity Tumors (2nd Year Continuation)

Submitted by Jason Zara, Ph.D., Nader Sadeghi, M.D.
April 29, 2014


This proposal is a request for an additional stage of funding for our previously funded Katzen project to develop a cancer imaging and treatment probe that integrates optical coherence tomography (OCT) for imaging and cold plasmas for selective plasma treatment. During the first project phase, PI’s were able to deliver plasmas through small tubes and developed a prototype imaging and treatment probe, which has positioned them to be able to quickly assemble, image and treat probes for future clinical applications. PI’s also conducted a series of cell studies to investigate whether plasma-induced changes occurred in OCT images. While the results were promising; they were not as compelling as they had hoped. PI’s believe that this was a limitation of the tissue-mimicking cell-collagen matrix construct utilized rather than a limitation of the plasma or OCT imaging technologies. For this reason, PI’s feel that conducting a second round of ex vivo experiments that involve imaging, plasma treating, and imaging of human oral cavity biopsy samples will position this work to be competitive for future NIH R01 funding.

Submitted By:

Jason Zara, Ph.D.

Nader Sadeghi, M.D.