Guides and Tools


The IMPACT team is available to help faculty use instructional technology. We are happy to answer questions big or small and help identify the best tool to help you meet your instructional goals.

This section contains how-tos for some of the most commonly questions. It is a mix of instructions we created for Health Sciences faculty and material created by others. To use, click on the topic section to expand and view guides.




Date Management

  • Managing Dates in Blackboard (PDF)


  • Creating a Rubric in Blackboard (PDF)
  • Grading with a Blackboard Rubric (PDF)
  • Resources on Rubrics (PDF)

Blackboard Collaborate for Live Sessions

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Setting up a Session (PDF)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: How to Run a Session (PDF)


Journals, Wikis and Blogs

  • Blackboard Help for Journals (Link)
  • Blackboard Help for Wikis (Link)
  • Blackboard Help for Blogs (Link)

Copying and Merging Courses

  • How to copy your course (PDF)
  • How to merge sections (PDF)


  • Zoom Blackboard Integration (PDF)
Course Materials


We at GW Health Sciences are committed to making our courses as accessible as possible to all. Below are some resources and easy things faculty instructors can do to help make course materials more accessible. The more you use these strategies on an ongoing basis, the more prepared you will be if/when there is a student with a documented need.

  • GW Disability Support Services - Accommodation & Accessibility (Link)
  • Digital Accessibility in Your Courses (Google Slides)
  • Accessibility Course Checklist (Link)
  • Easy Accessibility Practices for Word and PowerPoint (PDF)
  • Easy Accessibility Practices for Blackboard Content (PDF)
  • How to Caption your Video in YouTube (PDF)

Durable Links

  • Creating Durable Links (Link)
  • June 2018 Durable Link Update (Video)

Other Tools

  • Tech Tools for Action and Engagement (PDF)
Online Presentations & Videos

How to Create a Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

  • PowerPoint Office 365 (PDF) (Update to Office 365, PC or Mac, for free!)
  • PowerPoint 2016 (PDF)
  • How to Create a Narrated Presentation or Screencast on a Mac (PDF)
  • How to Upload a Video to YouTube and Embed it in Blackboard (PDF)
  • How to Caption your Video in YouTube (PDF)

Improving the Quality of your Online Presentations

  • Maximizing Learning from Your Narrated Presentations (Video)

Webcam Videos

  • Video Selfies: Look Better in Your Webcam Videos (PDF)
  • Make a Webcam Video with Windows 10 (PDF)
  • Make a Webcam Video with Quicktime on a Mac (PDF)
  • How to Record Your Webcam to Youtube (PDF)
  • Screenshots and Recordings – macOS Big Sur (PDF)

Phone Videos

  • Tips for Recording Video on Phones (PDF)

Panopto is used for classroom lecture capture, but is also a powerful tool for sharing narrated presentations, mini lectures, or lab demonstrations with multiple video angles and/or screen capture.

Which Panopto Tool Should I Use?

There are 3 different versions of the Panopto Recorder. If you have the Panopto Recorder installed on your computer, it will provide the most features. However, if you cannot install it, there are online versions that should work for your needs, (see figure).

Panopto Setup

  • Installing the Panopto Recorder (PDF)
  • Linking your Blackboard Course to Panopto (PDF)

Creating Recordings

  • How to Record with Panopto for PC (PDF)
  • How to Record with Panopto for Mac (PDF)
  • How to Record with Panopto Capture (PDF) (video tutorial)
  • How to Record with Panopto.It (Panopto Express) (PDF) (video tutorial)
  • Microphone and Camera Settings in the Panopto Recorder (PDF)
  • How to Upload Existing Video Files to Panopto (Link)
  • More help with Creating Panopto Videos (Link)

Editing Recordings

  • Basic Editing in Panopto (Link)
  • Adding Quiz Questions to Panopto Recordings ( (PDF)
  • More on Editing Panopto Videos( Link)

Viewing and Managing Recordings

  • Moving a Panopto Recording to a Different Course (PDF)
  • Help Viewing Panopto Recordings (Link)
  • Add a Panopto Recording Link to a Blackboard Course (PDF)

Where to Find People to Help

  • Health Sciences faculty/staff - Contact Linda Cotton or Karen Foote on the IMPACT Team
  • MD Program faculty/staff - Contact Tracy Blanchard at the Center for Faculty Excellence
  • School of Public Health faculty/staff - Contact Andrew Wiss
  • Panopto Support is available 24x7 - 855-765-2341
Poll Everywhere
  • Signing up and using Poll Everywhere (Link)
  • Introducing Poll Everywhere. Scroll down for short instructional videos from Poll Everywhere. (Link)
  • Getting Started Website (Link)
  • Getting Started Webinar: how to create a poll, customize polls, insert the slides into Powerpoint, and run reports. (Link)
Virtual Conferences

Video Conferences


    VoiceThread is a tool that allows asynchronous discussions around pieces of media such as photos, diagrams, video, and slides with a whiteboard tool. Discussion comments can be made easily using video, audio, or text. VoiceThread is provided as a tool within Blackboard, keeping items shared privately within a class. When used in Blackboard no separate accounts are needed.

    • Using VoiceThread - for Faculty (PDF)
    • Using VoiceThread - for Students (PDF)
    • Troubleshooting VoiceThread (Link)