In general, IBS faculty have active research programs, recent publications, and current research funding. In any particular year, not every research group will have an opening for a graduate student.

Last First MI Title Research Interests Inst.
Berg Patricia E PhD Role of homeobox genes in breast cancer and leukemia; sickle cell anemia therapy GW
Bethony Jeff   PhD Genetic and parasite epidemiology GW
Bollard Catherine   MD Development of novel cell therapeutics for cancer and infection CNHS
Bosque-Pardos Alberto   PhD, M.B.A. Identification of signaling pathways that reactivate latent HIV-1 GW
Brindley Paul   PhD Functional genomics of schistosomes and other helminth pathogens of Neglected Tropical Diseases. Helminth parasite infection-induced carcinogenesis. GW
Bukrinsky Michael   PhD HIV/AIDS GW
Caldovic Ljubica   PhD Urea cycle disorders CNHS
Ceryak Susan   PhD Signaling pathways involved in cell cycle regulation and dysregulation in cancer GW
Chapman Kimberly   PhD Responses to stress initiated by a block at metabolic enzymes that cause inborn errors of metabolism  CNHS
Chen Yi-Wen   DVM, PhD Study of the molecular basis of muscle diseases and physiological adaptation using genome-wide approaches CNHS
Chiappinelli Katherine   PhD Epigenetic regulation of immune signaling in cancer, specifically focusing on noncoding regions of the genome and the tumor cell immune response GW
Chiappinelli Vincent A PhD Patch-clamp electrophysiology; functional and pharmacological studies of nicotinic receptors and presynaptic nerve terminals GW
Chiaramello Anne   PhD Transcription factors and neural development GW
Chung Inhee   PhD Biophysical Study of Metastatic Cancer Progression GW
Colonnese Matthew   PhD Neural development GW
Corbin Joshua   PhD Genetic and cellular basis for development of mammalian amygdala CNHS
Crandall Keith   PhD Development, testing, and application of methodological and bioinformatic approaches for studying the evolutionary biology of infectious diseases  GW
Cruz Russell   MD, PhD Development of immune based therapies for cancer and opportunistic infections for patients with various degrees of immune deficiency CNHS
Donaldson Robert P PhD Glyoxysomal membrane electron transport GW
Efimova  Tatiana   PhD Understanding how signal transduction pathways regulate skin homeostasis and repair, and how perturbations in this regulation contribute to skin disease GW
Eleftherianos Ioannis   PhD Molecular and evolutionary insect immunity, bacterial symbiosis and nematode parasitism GW
Fernandes Rohan   PhD Development of theranostic nanoparticles, capable of simultaneous therapy and diagnostics, for pediatric inflammatory diseases and cancers. CNHS
Freishtat Robert J MD, MPH Gene-environment interactions in asthma CNHS
Fu Sidney W MD, PhD miRNA biomarker identification and validation for breast cancer early diagnosis and management GW
Gallo Vittorio   PhD Neurogenesis and gliogenesis; oligodendrocyte development myelination; glial signaling; regulation of glial ionic channels during brain development CNHS
Hahn Andrea   MD Cystic fibrosis, airway microbiome, pharmacokinetic modeling of antibiotics CNHS
Hanley Patrick   PhD Efficacy of virus-specific T cells for the prophylaxis and treatment of viral infections after transplant CNHS
Hashimoto-Torii Kazue   PhD Environmental factors/pharmacological agents in fetal brain malformations related to mental illnesses in adulthood CNHS
Hathout Yetrib   PhD Proteomics and mass spectrometry applications to study the pathophysiology of human diseases CNHS
Hawdon John   PhD Hookworm infective process, nematode growth and development, hookworm population genetics GW
Hawley Robert G PhD Experimental hematology/oncology; gene delivery systems and gene therapy modeling; stem cell and regenerative biology GW
Heier Christopher   PhD  Next generation drugs and biomarkers for childhood diseases CNHS
Hill Dana A MD Pediatric embryonal tumors and DICER1 CNHS
Horvath Anelia   PhD Identification of genomic and expression signatures to diagnose breast cancer molecular types and stages GW
Hovel-Miner Galadriel   PhD Molecular mechanisms of antigenic variation with an emphasis on this pathogenic process in African trypanosomes.  GW
Hsieh Michael    MD, PhD Our laboratory is interested in how inflammation protects against pathogens and other noxious stimuli and yet can paradoxically harm the host through secondar effects such as carcinogenesis. The genitourinary tract is our model system. We are examining anti-pathogenic inflammation induced by bacteria such as uropathogenic E. coli, and chronic inflammation mediated carcinogenesis is being studied using models of nitrosamine and Schistosoma haematobium exposure CNHS
Hu Valerie   PhD Autism spectrum disorders GW
Hubal Monica   PhD Physiology of obesity, type II diabetes, and cardiometabolic disease CNHS
Ishibashi Nobuyuki   MD The overall goal of our laboratory is to maximize intellectual development and minimize neurological injury associated with congential heart anomalies using clinically-relevant experimental models.  CNHS
Jaiswal Jyoti K PhD Dysferlin deficits in Myoshi myopathy CNHS
Jeremic Aleksander   PhD Pancreatic Beta cell disorders  GW
Jose Pedro   MD,PhD The primary goal of Dr. Jose's research is to determine the genetic and pharmacogenetic bases of human essential hypertension and the metabolic syndrome.  Specifically, the mission of his laboratory is to study the role of dopamine, adrenergic, and angiotensin receptors subtypes and dopamine regulatory genes (e.g., G protein-coupled receptor kinase 4 [GRK4}, sorting nexins, gastrin) or sodium transport in specific nephron segments and their roles in the pathogenesis of genetic hyptertension and metabolic syndrome. GW
Khan Imtiaz   PhD Immune responses to infections by opportunistic pathogens GW
Kim Jeong-Ho   PhD Regulation of gene expression, glucose sensing and signaling in yeast and mammalian cells GW
Kusner Linda   PhD Role of complement in myasthenia gravis and therapeutics GW
Lakshman Raj   PhD Coronary heart disease; lipids; metabolic and genetic obesity; hepatoxins; gene regulation and expression; retinoids. GW
LaMantia Anthony   PhD Genetic and molecular mechanisms of early forebrain development GW
Latham Patricia S MD Gene regulation and cytokine response of tumoricidal monocytes GW
Lee Norman H PhD mRNA regulation and global patterns of gene expression with DNA microarrays GW
Leitenberg David   MD, PhD Regulation of T-cell activation and differentiation; modulation of signal transduction during T-cell development GW
Limperopoulos Catherine   PhD Neuroimaging CNHS
Liu Yang   PhD Immune recognition; innate and adaptive immunity; selective regulation of inflammatory response to danger-associated molecules. CNHS
Lu Hui   PhD Mechanisms and rescue of neural circuit dysfunction  GW
Lynch Rebecca   PhD Development of broadly neutralizing antibody responses to HIV-1 infection GW
Mak I. Tong   PhD Free radical biology in cardiovascular cells; antioxidant drug therapy and mechanisms; iron overload and lysosomes; endothelial apoptosis GW
Manzini Chiara   PhD Molecular mechanisms underlying intellectual disabilities GW
Marvar Paul   PhD Characterization of the neurocircuitry in the brain that contributes to stress-induced hypertension and other stress-related disorders such as PTSD GW
Maynard Thomas   PhD 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome; Neural Crest; Developmental cell signaling GW
Mazumder Raja   PhD Applied bioinformatics; comprehensive comparative analysis at the genomic level GW
McCaffrey Timothy A PhD Genomics; cardiovascular disease; growth factors; molecular biology; microarray; apoptosis; biochemistry GW
Mendelowitz David   PhD Electrophysiology and morphology of cardiac vagal neurons and cardiorespiratory neurons  GW
Miller Robert H PhD CNS neural development, biology of neural diseases including Multiple Sclerosis, brain tumors and Cerebral Palsy; cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate glial cell determination GW
Moody Sally A PhD Molecular and cellular determination of neuronal phenotypes; regulation of neurotransmitters in the developing retina GW
Morizono Hiroki   PhD Urea cycle disorders, Gene Therapy  CNHS
Nazarian Javad   PhD Clinical and Translational Approaches for Understanding Pediatric Brain Tumors GW
Novak James S. PhD Duchenne muscular dystrophy; Experimental therapeutics and mechanisms of drug delivery; Muscle stem cell biology  CNHS
O'Brien Travis   PhD Pharmacogenomics GW
Packer Roger   MD Pediatric brain tumors CNHS
Packer Randall K PhD Electrolyte and acid-base balance; kidney function GW
Partridge Terence A PhD Muscle stem Cell Biology, Experimental Therapeutics CNHS
Pelphrey Kevin   PhD The Pelphrey lab's autism research involves conducting imaging studies to learn more about development of the brian, specifically the "social brain" that governs facial recognition, eye gaze and other functions.  GW
Peng Weiqun   PhD Bioinformatics  GW
Penn Anna    MD, PhD Neuroplacentology- The role of placenta in protecting and shaping the fetal brain  CNHS
Perez-Losada Marcos   PhD Evolutionary questions related to invertebrate biodiversity, dynamics of human infectious diseases and host-microbe interactions. GW/CNHS
Peusner Kenna D PhD Role of synaptic transmission in the development of the central vestibular neural circuit. GW
Polter Abigail   PhD Circuit and synaptic-level effects of stress and adversity.  GW
Posnack Nikki   PhD Cardiovascular physiology, endocrine disruptors, and stem cell models CNHS
Preciado Diego   MD, PhD Otolaryngology CNHS
Quezado Zena   MD Alterations in Nociception and Behavior in Animal Models of Human Diseases  CNHS
Ramezani Ali   PhD Gene Therapy Approaches for HIV/AIDS GW
Rood Brian   MD Proteogenomics of pediatric brain cancer CNHS
Sandler Anthony   MD Solid tumors in childhood CNHS
Sarvazyan Narine   PhD Cellular origins of ectopic arrhythmias, ischemia-reperfusion injury, cell-to-cell coupling, targeted stem cell differentiation GW
Sen Sabyasachi    MD, PhD Hemopoetic and mesenchymal stem cell use for treatment of diabetes and obesity; role of stem cells in response to changes in glycemic level in their environment. GW
Seto Edward   PhD Understanding the functions and mechanisms of action of histone deacetylases (HDACs), enzymes that catalyze the removal of acetyl groups from the lysine residues of histones GW
Shanmugam Victoria   MD Wound healing; Scleroderma GW
Shi Dashuang   PhD Structure-function relationships of nitrogen metabolism-related enzymes CNHS
Simon Gary L MD, PhD HIV/AIDS Pathogenesis GW
Smith L. Courtney   PhD Origins and evolution of the vertebrate immune system in sea urchins GW
Spurney Christopher   MD Cardiac disease associated with muscular dystrophies CNHS
Stepp Mary Ann   PhD Cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions; integrins; wound healing; re-epithelization GW
Torii Masaaki   PhD Molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern unique positioning and connections of various neuronal and glial subtypes in normal development of the cerebral cortex; etiology of cognitive and psychiatric disorders in which abnormalities in these processes may be involved. GW/CNHS
Triplett Jason   PhD Developmental neurobiology CNHS
Tzatsos Alexandros   MD, PhD Epigenetic progression model of pancreatic cancer;  Epigenetic regulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells GW
Vanderhoek Jack   PhD Regulation of eicosanoid metabolism by natural and pharmacological agents; nuclear eicosanoid binding proteins GW
Vanderver Adeline   MD Biochemical genetics; white matter disorders CNHS
Villagra Alejandro   PhD Tumor immunoepigenetics and molecular basis of immunotherapy GW
Wang  Yin    PhD Cancer biology and preclinical models for treatment of pediatric malignancies CNHS
Werling Linda L PhD Role of Sigma, PCP, and Nicotine receptors in brain function; regulation of catecholamine release in brain; receptor-mediated regulation of transporters GW
Wu Guangying   PhD Electrophysiological, imaging and behavioral methods to elucidate neural circuitry mechanisms underlying sensory information processing  GW
Wu Ray-Chang   PhD Oncogenic steroid receptor coactivators and their molecular targets in the development and progression of cancer  GW
Young Colin   PhD CNS molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular and metabolic diseases GW
Zheng Pan   MD, PhD Tumor immunology, cancer biology and signal transduction in hematopoietic stem cells CNHS
Zheng Xiaoyan   PhD Identification of target genes regulated by the Hedgehog signaling pathway and molecular mechanisms activated by Hedgehog in regulating cell-cell interactions GW
Zhu Wenge   PhD DNA replication. DNA damage checkpoint and repair, histone modification, and identification of small molecules for cancer therapy GW
Zhu Yuan   PhD Disease mechanisms and developing therapeutic strategies for neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). CNHS
Zohn Irene   PhD Development neural biology, Spina Bifida  CNHS