Our research program has two main aspects. The first focuses on identifying biologically significant trends from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) datasets. We design and develop novel strategies for logical mining of NGS data to extract meaningful sets of high-priority molecules. Our pipelines efficiently integrate alignment, assembly, and variants analysis, with custom analytical modules searching for functional molecular networks. Furthermore, we develop algorithms that quantitatively overlay matching DNA and RNA sequence layers to interlink encoded and regulatory genomic features.

The second aspect of our research is focused on the applications of the above methodologies on different disease conditions, including cancer, with a particular focus on Breast Cancer. We apply the developed analytical pipelines to search for pathogenic and protective genetic signatures. To validate our findings in a clinical setting, we work in close collaboration with GW Hospital and Children’s National Health System. Our overarching goal is to identify molecules and pathways that could be further used in novel diagnostic and preventive strategies.