August 2019

Eli Sevilla and Marco Mercader with Donation from FYM Foundation
August 05, 2019

The Mission was awarded a $10,000 donation from the Felix Y. Manalo (FYM) Foundation, the charitable arm of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) on August 12th.  Community organizations, leaders and hundreds of residents from Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia gathered in Prince George's County at the FYM Foundation's Aid to Humanity event to support organizations that provide positive social impact. 

August 05, 2019

Dr. Joseph Krepp was awarded a research grant of $82,560 from Pfizer to study Transthyretin Cardiac Amyloidosis in Patients with Suspected Hypertensive Heart Disease.

Ashley Young, Linda Bostrom, Erin Breen, Gurusher Panjrath
August 04, 2019

GW Heart Failure section has continued to grow over the past few years. The section takes a truly multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach and comprises of an experienced and compassionate team.