September 2017 - Caitlin Mahoney

Caitlin Mahoney

Caitlin Mahoney is a Class of 2020 Medical Student and regularly volunteers at the Healing Clinic's patient navigator program. The patient navigator program aims to bridge patients to ongoing care by connecting them to resources for any additional follow up care they might require. Caitlin is a graduate of the University of Virginia (2009) and has a post baccalaureate certificate from Georgetown University (2014). Caitlin is interested in trauma surgery and is active in the social justice group, medical students for choice, and attended the Betty Ford Center this year completing the SIMS during the summer. Caitlin also volunteers at DCSASS (DC Sexual Assault Survivors and Supporters) and actively involved in title IX advocacy; she also enjoys volunteering at City Wildlife which is the only wildlife rehabilitation center in DC. 

Caitlin is currently working to create a medical legal partnership to be integrated with the patient navigator program so undocumented patients can receive access to care. 


"The patient navigator program fulfills the mission of the Healing Clinic because it ensures that patients are connected to care." - Caitlin Mahoney