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Resources by and about Dr. Puchalski and GWish

Spiritual Assessment in Clinical Practice
A multimedia guide for tapping the spiritual beliefs, values, and practices important in your patients' responses to illness or stress.

Compassionate Healthcare Systems
December 2008 talk (MP3) Dr. Puchalski gave at Harvard Medical School's Spirituality and Healing in Medicine Conference.

UN Symposium: "Beyond the Mind Body Problem: New Paradigms in the Science of Consciousness, Sept 2008." Christina Puchalski, panelist
Webcast of a September 2008 UN Symposium in which an expert panel share their insight on the enigmatic mind-body problem and explain how new paradigms fueled by the latest scientific research are altering how we perceive and relate to the physical world.

Many Medical Schools Now Include Classes On Healing Power Of Spirituality
July 2008 Voice of America report featuring Dr. Puchalski.

The Healing Encounter
Transcript of Dr. Puchalski's tracks on the Care for the Journey: Messages and Music for Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare audio CD.

Forgiveness: Spiritual and Medical Implications
Article by Dr. Puchalski in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

Touching the Spirit: The Essence of Healing
Essay by Dr. Puchalski that was a 2000 Catholic Press Award Winner.

Prayer and Healing: Can spirituality influence health?
January 2005 issue of CQ Researcher discussing Dr. Puchalski's work. An in-depth look at the issues.

The Role of Spirituality in Health and Illness
PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Puchalski.

Spirituality and End of Life Care: A Time for Listening and for Caring
PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Puchalski.

Love & Forgiveness in Health Services - A Global Gathering
Video of Dr. Puchalski's speech at the Fetzer Institute's A Global Gathering. The video features an introduction, two short skits, and a video.