GNSAH Membership Interest Form

We are grateful for your expression of interest in joining the Global Network for Spirituality and Health. Please complete the brief form so that we can include in our listserve through which we will share updates and other relevant information. 

We are pleased to inform you that GNSAH started working with Sosido to facilitate information sharing and foster collaboration among members.  Sosido( is an online knowledge sharing network which speeds knowledge exchange, between members of your group, and across Sosido.   It bridges silos of specialty, discipline and department to support collaboration, and raise awareness of your contributions in research, education, clinical care and scholarship in the field of spiritual care to the broader GNSAH members.

Sosido will make available the following features to members of the GNSAH community:

  • Members will receive a weekly email digest which provides a summary of the activity in the GNSAH community, including:
  • Newly-released publications by members of the GNSAH community;
  • Updates and news items from the GNSAH website 
  • Abstracts from journals chosen by GNSAH and customizable by the member.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, please visit this link and provide the information to be included in Sosido platform of the GNSAH: