Global Network Aims, Goals, & Objectives

Draft Aim

The Global Network for Spirituality and Health has been established to promote the transformation of health systems by integrating interprofessional spiritual care as an essential aspect of health, healing and compassionate, person-centered care.

Draft Goals and Objectives

  • Goal 1: To convene an inclusive, diverse and multidisciplinary network of clinicians, researchers, educators, policy makers and health communities, including patients and caregivers.

Objective 1.1: To invite participants to advance the field of spirituality and health by collaborating and sharing resources and ideas;

Objective 1.2: To promote dissemination of research findings, curricula, policies and clinical models and guidelines, and engaging in ongoing dialogue to help empower passionate people to transform healthcare systems globally. 

  • Goal 2: To catalyze innovative thinking and action related to health care that addresses the comprehensive needs of both patients and professional and family caregivers, including their spiritual needs.

Objective 2.1: to raise awareness of the significant or sacred as a relevant dimension in clinical, psycho-social and spiritual care;

Objective 2.2: to bridge disciplines, worldviews and cultures, while building up the knowledge and evidence base related to spirituality and health.