TEAM: Together-Equitable-Accessible-Meaningful

Training for Patients and Providers: Advancing Equitable, Patient-Centered Cancer Care

The TEAM education research project aims to improve the productivity of patient-provider interactions to promote accessible, equitable, patient-centered care that results in better health outcomes for those impacted by cancer. We will train women impacted by breast and other cancers to identify providers who are culturally sensitive, improve their health literacy and self-advocate in shared decision-making. We will also educate patient navigators and providers to support patient engagement and health literacy through culturally-sensitive practice. At the core of our approach is intersectionality—a theory that suggests that individuals who identify with more than one vulnerable group (minority race/ethnicity, minority sexual orientation or gender identity, low income, etc.) may be at elevated risk for poor health outcomes. This work is funded by the Pfizer Foundation from 2016-2018.