Cancer Survivorship E-Learning Series for Primary Care Providers

In collaboration with the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the GW Cancer Institute is hosting a free, online educational program for general medicine Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses who practice in a variety of primary care settings. The Cancer Survivorship E-Learning Series for Primary Care Providers (PCPs) learning objectives are to 1) increase PCP's awareness of the ongoing needs of cancer survivors, 2) increase their knowledge of how to care for cancer survivors and 3) increase their ability to provide follow-up care for cancer survivors. Free continuing education (CE) credits are available.

The series consists of three (3) initial enduring online educational modules with new modules added throughout the year. Planned topics include the current state of cancer survivorship, the role of clinical generalists and specialists in providing follow-up care, how to manage long-term and late medical and psychosocial effects of cancer and its treatment, the importance of survivorship care planning, the importance of prevention, and specific content on caring for breast and colorectal cancer survivors.

Self-paced modules can be completed in any order and include:

  • One or more on-demand webinar presentations by clinicians and experts;
  • Interviews with cancer survivors;
  • Interactive features such as quizzes and patient/survivor case studies; and
  • Access to tools and resources to improve providers' knowledge and competencies related to post-treatment care of cancer survivors.

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