Staff from the GW Cancer Institute have contributed to the growing amount of research and policy analyses about patient-centered care and cancer control. These reports and papers represent a small amount of the work we do every day to advance patient-centered care and cancer control locally and nationally. 

2016 Reports

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2011 Reports

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Cowens-Alvarado R, Sharpe K, Pratt-Chapman M, Willis A, Gansler T, Ganz PA, Edge SB, McCabe MS, Stein K. Advancing Survivorship Care through the National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center: Developing American Cancer Society Guidelines for Primary Care Providers. CA A Journal for Clinicians. March 19, 2013.

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Pratt-Chapman M, Kapp H. Patient Experience Mapping: A Quality Improvement Tool for Patient Navigators. Journal of Oncology Navigation and Survivorship. February 2015.

Pratt-Chapman M, Kapp H, Willis A, Bires J. Catalyzing Patient-Centered Care: Starting Where You Are and Sharing What You Know. Oncology Issues: The Journal of the Association of Community Cancer Centers. Jan/Feb 2014.

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Pratt-Chapman M, Willis A, “Community Cancer Center Administration and Support for Navigation Services” Seminars in Oncology Nursing, May 2013. 

Pratt-Chapman M, Willis A, Masselink L. Core Competencies for Oncology Patient Navigators. Journal of Oncology Navigation and Survivorship.April 2015.

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Willis A, Reed E, Pratt-Chapman M, Kapp H, Hatcher E, Vaitones V, Collins S, Bires J, Washington E. Development of a Framework for Patient Navigation: Delineating Roles across Navigator Types. Journal of Oncology Navigation & Survivorship, December 2013.

Willis A, Pratt-Chapman M, Reed E, Hatcher E. Best Practices in Navigation and Survivorship: Moving Toward Quality Patient-Centered Care.Journal of Oncology Navigation & Survivorship. April 2014.

Chapters in Books

Rosenbaum S, Lee J, Chapman M, Patierno S. “Cancer Survivorship and National Health Reform,” Health Services for Cancer Survivors, eds. Michael Feuerstein and Patricia Ganz. Springer: 2011.