The Mobile Mammography Program: Mammovan

The Mobile Mammography Program began in 1996 with a singular, ambitious goal: to make life-saving, early detection of breast cancer possible for all women throughout metropolitan Washington, regardless of their ability to pay.

This self-contained mobile unit travels to corporate and community sites, offering one-stop screening performed in a comfortable, convenient environment. The Mammovan is both handicapped- and wheelchair-accessible.

Women are eligible if they...

  •  Are age 40 and over
  •  Have not had a mammogram in the past 12 months
  •  Have not experienced breast symptoms such as a lump or breast pain
  •  Do not have breast implants
  •  Have not been treated previously for breast cancer
  •  Have a Primary Care Physician (Medical Doctor necessary**)

If you qualify and would like an appointment to get your screening mammogram on the Mammovan, please call 202-741-3252

*Please have your doctor's information available when calling to make an appointment.

**Mammograms are free for low income uninsured women; we also participate with most health insurance plans.

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