Making Sure You Are Covered

Doctor with patient

Adult survivors of pediatric cancer are less likely to be covered by insurance than people who have never had cancer. Oftentimes, survivors are denied coverage because of their cancer history or pre-existing condition exclusions. In other cases, survivors have a lapse in their insurance because they were not aware of their insurance provider's eligibility requirements. For example, many young adults who are on a parent's insurance plan get dropped when they reach a certain age or graduate from college. Lack of insurance for adult survivors of pediatric cancer can cause access to care to be restricted or delayed.

Despite these barriers, you are entitled to adequate health insurance and there are ways to ensure you get the coverage you need.

  • has a tool you can use to find the best insurance options for you and the cost, by state.
  • The Patient Advocate Foundation has several services to help individuals who need financial assistance with physician visit co-pays, medical treatment, prescription drug costs and more.
  • You can research and apply for disability benefits, which includes insurance coverage, through the Social Security Administration.

Health Reform & Cancer Care

Want to know how Health Reform Laws affect you? There are provisions in the Affordable Care Act that may improve your access to cancer survivorship care. Visit these sites to get detailed information and answers to some frequently asked questions: