Cancer Control

National Support to Enhance Implementation of Comprehensive Cancer Control Activities

The GW Cancer Institute provides technical assistance to comprehensive cancer control programs across the nation through its Technical Assistance Portal and Online Academy. A cooperative agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funds this cancer control translation initiative.

Improving Immunization Rates and Enhancing Disease Prevention through Partnerships with Providers and National Organizations

The GW Cancer Institute is partnering with the National AHEC Organization to increase HPV vaccination uptake through clinician education. This five-year project is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.​

Explore the  HPV Vaccination Resource Book and Environmental Scan Protocol. The resource book is ​a primer on HPV ​with a basic introduction to HPV and HPV-associated cancers​ and the Environmental Scan Protocol is designed to help cancer control professionals begin to gather data on HPV in their region​. State HPV Cancer andPrevention Profiles provide state-level data on HPV vaccination rates, missed opportunities, provider recommendation and cervical and oropharyngeal cancer incidences.