Information for Survivorship Program Leaders

Survivorship program leaders will be critical to the success of the project. In spring 2014, we worked with the Commission on Cancer (CoC) to disseminate a survey to CoC-accredited institutions, which represent institutions that care for the majority of cancer patients. The survey was based on the LIVESTRONG Essential Elements of Care, which are expert consensus-based components of post-treatment care and represent the first attempt to define a standard for post-treatment care. The survey had two goals: 1) to better understand what care is being provided, how, by whom and to whom and 2) to assess how survivorship practices align with the LIVESTRONG Essential Elements.

Based on the survey responses, we selected models of care and identified survivorship programs from each model to participate in a comparison of the effectiveness on each model of survivorship. Each participating institution will recruit cancer survivors, complete a questionnaire on services provided to each patient and facilitate the completion of a survivor questionnaire immediately pre- and post-survivorship visit.

If you are a survivorship program leader who is interested in receiving periodic updates about the project and opportunities to get involved, please use the sign up form below to be added to our list.

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