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With the support of our extended community, we achieve great things. At SMHS, we teach, heal, discover, and serve because of the dedication and contribution of our alumni, friends, and partnering institutions. You can become a part of something amazing. Learn more about how your support advances our mission.

Alumni of SMHS belong to a special community. For nearly 200 years, graduates have looked back on their formative years at SMHS and have been inspired to give back. Their generosity over the years has created a rich legacy and the means to help current students become exceptionally trained, compassionate physicians and health care providers of tomorrow. Donate Today.

Physicians at SMHS, working in close collaboration with our clinical partners, provide effective, compassionate clinical care to tens of thousands of patients each year. SMHS is a health care leader in the Washington, D.C. community. With its reputation for leadership and excellence, it’s no wonder that so many patients and friends chose to become a part of our mission. Donate Today.

At SMHS, we are proud to serve our local community. From providing free mammograms screenings at locations throughout metro D.C. through the GW Mammovan to operating the GW Healing Clinic, a student-run clinic that treats patients regardless of ability to pay, we have close ties to our home city.